IP Protection

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Your Intellectual Property – Our Secured Protection

Being in the IT field for years we know how important it is to protect our clients’ Intellectual Property as good as ours. IP Protection is a fairly new concept for many but the basic idea is to protect your business processes and data just the way we do ours. It may differ that we protect our content and code and for you we protect your data and business processes you share with us for creating the software. But the protection factor or security cannot be anything less than utmost important.

How can you trust your IP with Amar Infotech (C/o Amar Technolabs Pvt. Ltd.)?

We have been emphasising on IP protection even when it had not received the current status of recognition across the globe. We have laid down stringent quality assurance and security measures to ensure that your data with us is always safe. We go a step further to ensure that your data at your end within our software remains secure even in a network. That is the level of security we ensure our clients.

How do we protect your IP?

We have laid down stringent measures to make sure all work we do go through strict quality processes and security audits. Some of the following steps help us ensure we protect your IP.

  • Strict security measures in-house and offshore
  • Stringent internet audits including mails and messengers to ensure no unauthorized data passes through, outside or inside.
  • Periodic quality audits and reviews to ensure all processes including quality assurance and security are strictly followed
  • Unauthorized websites are not allowed to be accessed by the employees in-house and offshore
  • All mails, attachments and online messages are screened for content and authority
  • Data is backed up regularly to ensure nothing is lost
  • Firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-phishing software to ensure IP protection
  • Legal wing to sort out any legal issues regarding IP security
  • Employees are well trained and legally bound to the IP protection policies
  • All users are well monitored for any malpractices and immediate action taken against any faulty user
  • Version control to make sure data and code are co-ordinated

Apart from these Amar Infotech has a System Administration wing who works closely with networking, security and QA wings to ensure all departments work hand in hand to protect your Intellectual Property.