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Have you ever feel that your website has suddenly disappeared from the search engine results? Or Inspite of spending a good amount of money for SEO why your website is not coming in high rankings? To your questions, there is an answer but not any specific solution found to date. Recently on 17 Jan 2013, there was a sudden drop of many website rankings in Google searches. Those who were ranking on the #1 page have dropped to 6th or 7th page, those having high presence simply disappeared from the search results.

Why So?

The answer is Google Algorithm Change. Google has introduced one of its Algorithm Google Panda early in 2011 and Google Penguin in 2012. Google time by time apply this algorithm once or twice every 6 months due to which there are lots of disorders found in regards to ranking and SEO worlds. Those top-ranking sites which are ranked on top show a dramatic drop down due to these algorithms. What is Reason?

Reason why Google has to perform is due to inappropriate techniques that SEO developers apply for getting high ranking in a short time. There are many SEO providers who assure you of getting high results in a short period of time by performing Black Hat Techniques. These results in achieving high rankings for a short period of time, but due to this those sites which are genuine are affected and do not able to appear on high rank.

How to Avoid?

Now in the case if rankings are drop the question arise, how to avoid this situation? There is no any specific solution to this, as such Google is after all has its own rule and policies to work, but by taking care few steps in mind we can avoid such situations and can maintain our rankings.

  • White Hat Techniques

  • Updated  and fresh Content

  • Social Media coverage

We at Amar InfoTech take care of your rankings and have expertise in maintaining your presence and reputation in case situation like above arise. You can rely upon us for website updates, as we use all the latest tools and techniques in order to help you with the maximum quality of work support.