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AMAR Infotech & ExcelPTP is a software-development company as well as professional training provider company, Organised blood donation camp in the true spirit of responsibility for the society. On the day of 11th Feb 2017. AMAR Infotech & ExcelPTP brought together everyone in an urge to – “One Blood donor can save at least one life”.

Importance of Blood Donation

Donate Blood is like social activity. It is for those who require blood which may reduced due to accident,surgery,serious deces like thalassemia and last but not the least Even a pregnant mother may need blood in case of emergency situation. It is contribution that a person can make towards the society. It is not harmful for an adult person to donate blood.The body of the donor will regenerate the blood at fixed intervals. It poses no threat to the metabolism of the body.

The World Blood donor Day is ascertained on 14th June every year.


The patient wants blood or his or her cluster of blood whenever necessary.It’s another vital issue.Blood has four groups particularly, A. B, AB and O. the person with the O-group blood is named the blood donor while AB cluster of blood is named the universal receiver.

Nowadays a public awareness for blood donation has increased. It organised everywhere like clubs, colleges, societies,offices,etc on different is a healthy gesture.we tend to keep this maintain and enhance. Our blood banks square measure running in need of needed blood. By organizing such blood donation camps we tend to might facilitate them to counterpoint their capability.

donate blood

However, it’s important that whereas taking blood from an exact person the involved authority should certify that the blood isn’t infected.

Blood donation is a human duty.Our body doesn’t get affected if we tend to donate blood.The body will repair the loss inside in a few of days. Thus we should act to present blood because it can saves someone’s life.

Who is a Blood donor?

According to Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (India),a donor suggests someone WHO voluntarily donated blood once he has been declared healthy and fulfilling the standards given thereafter, while not acceptive reciprocally money or kind from any supply.


No person shall present blood and no bank shall draw blood from someone, over once in 3 months.The donor shall be in physiological state, mentally alert and physically match and shall not be inmates of jail, persons having multiple sex partners and drug-addicts.

  • the donor shall be within the age bracket of 18 to 60 years.

  • the donor shall not be less than 45 kilograms

  • temperature and Pulse of the donor shall be normal

  • the beat and beat blood pressures square

  • the beat and beat blood pressures square measure among traditional limits while not medication

  • haemoglobin which shall not be less than 12.5 grams

  • the donor shall be free from acute metabolic process diseases;

  • the donor shall be free from any skin diseases at the location of venesection

  • the donor shall be free from any sickness transmissible by transfusion, to that extent as will be determined by history and examination indicated above

the arms and forearms of the donor shall be free from skin punctures or scars indicative of skilled blood donors or addiction of self injected narcotics

Why should I donate blood?

There is a continuing need for normal blood provide as a result of blood are often keep for under a restricted time before use. Regular blood donations by a sufficient range of healthy people are required to make sure that safe blood are offered whenever and where it’s required.

Blood is that the most precious gift that anyone will provide to a different person the gift of life. A call to present your blood will save a life, or perhaps many if your blood is separated into its parts red cells, platelets and plasma which may be used severally for patients with specific conditions.