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When you are planning to migrate your static website to dynamic, first question rise in mind that, which one is The best among Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Media Wiki, Liferay, TYPO3, Moodle, Dolphin, Pligg, Movable Type?

Apparently, TYPO3 was released in 1998 & periodically, it’s has been rated as highly flexible Content Management System amongst other CMS. Bit By bit it has been supported more then 50 (Fifty) languages, which is one of the key featured.

It is been getting more & more popular for business websites, especially with European companies & surrounding nations.

Executive Summary

  • Open source – No license fee

  • Enterprise level – Professional system

  • Safety First – Safest open source CMS

  • Stable Core – For more than a decade

  • Scalable Architecture – Complex or simple: you decide

  • Unlimited Extendability – Catering for your needs

  • Tolerant System – Impartial to hosting systems

  • International Setup – 50+ Localizations available

  • Solid Roadmap – TYPO3 is the future

  • Active Community – Dedication worldwide

  • Safe Investment – Check your ROI!

 Tips or process for typo3 migration

We, AI has build team of developers who has studied & understood basic of TYPO3 CMS system to give development & support to prospect clients. Amar Infotech worked with clients who had given opportunities in migration & we are specialized in TYPO3 migration CMS system development.

To get free consultation and project proposal regarding any Migrate website into Typo3 CMS Requirements, contact us at