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Today’s buzzword in the IT industry is Outsourcing. For years many firms and individuals have got benefited by the outsourcing process and some have failed too. Here we will put our focus on what would be the best way to choose a reliable outsourcing partner.

While on the search for outsourcing partner it’s possible that you lose sight form your actual organizational goal as you will be negotiating briefing requirements and further analysis. Get back your focus by asking fundamental questions like your outsourcing goal? If you got a partner signed and working what deliverables you will get? Is the situation you are in is appealing to outsource? What your firm can accomplish by outsourcing that you aren’t now? Lastly profit margin by outsourcing? Have enough convincible answers for above questions.

    Key things you can check would be:

  • Double Checking the Skill set of your partner.

  • Carefully have a look at the portfolio.

  • Be clear with your terms and conditions.

  • Mention the modes of communication that will be used.

  • Language translations if any.

Hope the points mentioned will be useful for choosing a firm to outsource.