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Travelport, one of the world’s largest and most geographically diverse travel companies is dedicated to creating the exceptional travel experiences the world demands. Across more than 130 countries and through a network of 8,000 local professionals, Travelport delivers greater choice, tremendous travel content and cost savings to travelers, travel professionals and travel suppliers every day. Travelport offers a wide range of business and consumer services, from distribution technology and travel packaging to retail sales and solutions. Travelport operates over 20 leading brands, including Orbitz, an online travel agency; Galileo, a global distribution system (GDS); and GTA, a wholesaler of global travel content.

The company is composed of the global distribution system (GDS) business that includes the Apollo, Worldspan and Galileo brands, and Airline IT Solutions, which hosts mission critical applications and provides business and data analysis solutions for major airlines. More information is available at