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Geolocation is the identification of the real-world geographic location of an object. It provides Location awareness, location tracking, Geofencing, Activity recognition. Geolocation originates from the words “ Geographic Location”. To help you understand the benefits and opportunities of geolocation app development we have shortlisted Geo location-based application development ideas in 2020.

Nowadays a lot of Industries find Geolocation Applications as a great advantage like banking, e-commerce, media, telecommunications, and online gaming. Geolocation technology also helps to detect Criminal investigations for money laundering, trafficking, terrorism detections and Fraud detections like bank payment location mismatch.

Geolocation is the identification of the devices’ physical place. You will find here that the Person needs to check in to location services that information is captured from devices such as IP address, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, and other geo fencing technology. Three Types of Geolocation services you can find in the new era of the technology revolution, Geotargeting, Geofencing and Beaconing.


Geo targeting involves detecting a person’s location and provide them communications based on their location. Those communications might be ads or other content, like an email or geo-targeted push notification. Geo-targeted communications are delivered most commonly through text or push, and might also come when you open a certain app or social media site. Geo-targeting allows you to target a user wherever their device goes.


Geofencing is a location-based service in which an app that triggers an action when a device enters a set location. Coupons, notifications, engagement features, security alerts Depending on how a geofence is configured it can prompt mobile push notifications, trigger text messages or alerts, send targeted advertisements on social media, allow tracking on vehicle fleets, disable certain technology or deliver location-based marketing data.

geo fence


Geofencing Location-based Apps ideas 2020

1) Social networking Apps 2020

Location-based filters, stickers and other shareable content are all made possible with geofencing. Most of the considerable Geofencing uses comes in popular mobile apps such as Snapchat.

2) Marketing Apps 2020

Geofencing is also a great way for businesses to deliver in-store promotions, alerting you right as you step in the range of the store. McDonald’s recently greatly benefited from a Partnership with PokémonGo that set up over 3000 Japanese McDonald’s as sponsored locations, drawing in tens of thousands of potential customers.

3) Family Location Apps 2020

Monitor your family moved from the mobile apps is another popular way to track your loved ones. Family location apps offer Real-time location data and simplify life in the digital world by making it easy to stay connected to the people who matter the most.

4) Events based Apps 2020

Geofencing is used to engage crowds of people at organized events, like concerts, festivals, fairs and more. Geofencing technology helps event organizers to save time and offers the best experience to people. This new proximity-detection technology allows event managers to interact personally with visitors and participants by triggering location-specific content and alerts to their mobile devices.

5) Smart home-based Apps 2020

As most gadgets or appliances we use in over home becoming smart with a new era of Geofence technology. For Instance, Now It’s easy to program your fridge to remind you that you out of fruits or grocery next time you pass by the grocery store which is connected to your Smart mobile app.

6) Employee Tracking Apps 2020

The mobile app is used to track Employee activity by measuring their daily work, track their real-time location and can manage new visits and order generated by the employee.

7) Security Apps 2020

Geofencing can also bring more security for your home like you can set your phone to unlock when you’re home using a geofence or to get alerts when someone enters the house or leaves.

8) Geolocation based Smart Retail Apps 2020

Leading Retail Industry enhancing their customer experience by providing them Smart GPS data based location aware apps in retail industry to help their customers finds the store nearest to them.

9) Smart Automotive Apps 2020

Automotive companies uses fleet management system uses GPS data for their vehicle to allow their customer by providing precise location-based services. Public Transportation Vehicles also provide their GPS data to inform passengers about delays and arrivals.

10) Travel Apps 2020

Travel Websites or Travel mobile apps uses MAP view services to find Hotels near your location or your prefer Travel Location. Many apps like Airbnb, Booking and hotel apps like Marriott provide Geolocation Technology.

11) Games Apps 2020

One of the popular Games nowadays uses Geolocation Service as their main feature is PokémonGo. Moreover, there are other examples of apps that use a location like Scavify.

12) Fitness trackers and healthcare applications 2020

Wearables devices such as smartwatches and fitness trackers can be used to track location. Many real-time location mobile apps use Geolocation as their primary services like Nike+, and Stava. While running/cycling they access your phone’s GPS data to map your routes, track speed, or even connect you with fellow runners in your area.


Beacons are low-cost, low-powered transmitters equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE that can be used to deliver location-aware, context-aware messages. They are ideal for pinpointing the location of smartphones indoors, where GPS and Wi-Fi aren’t always effective, and sending alerts and data to apps on those devices.

Beacon Museum

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Beaconing Location-based Applications ideas 2020

1) Smart museums based beacon Apps 2020

Location-based museum apps simply allow users to map the Museums or Galleries by providing the ability to pin the location of artworks. Mobile Applications gives recommendations on what to see from museums. Visitors can receive Proximity triggered messages providing relevant information such as alerts for upcoming exhibitions or just inform visitors about the museum facilities. For example, the Sydney Museum, Brooklyn Museum, New York Museum used beacons to provide visitors with contextual information about the paintings or Artwork.

2) Lost Wallet, Key Locator App -QTrace

We’re launched a mobile app which can be useful for tracking mobile phones, keys, wallets, etc. The app will help users to get the current location of the items which have QTrace attached. It will also help to get details of people who tried to unlock your phone by capturing the image from the front camera with location.

3) Beacon Location-based offers and Vouchers Apps 2020

One of the most talked-about to use app idea is beacon-based offers and vouchers apps which benefits some top brands annual sales by allowing Beacon and Beacon based apps in their Stores.

4) In-store navigation based Beacon Apps 2020

This type of application particularly suited to larger store formats. For example, Carrefour a 12,000 sq meters store located in Paris fully equipped with Bluetooth low energy beacons (BLE) allowing precise indoor geolocation to help shoppers find the products they are looking for. ; about 200 beacons provide indoor geolocation with 2-meter accuracy, The mobile app, built-in collaboration with electronics shelf label supplier Pricer, allows shoppers to scan barcodes at home or search for recipe ideas to build their grocery list. Once in the supermarket, the app automatically peaks up the signal from the Bluetooth beacons and displays a map with the precise location of the user. The user can be navigated to any product on his shopping list and get a personalized shopping route based on what is in its electronic basket in the mobile app.

Why you need location-based services in your app

As with the latest technology and development trends enhancement, Location-based technology are present in almost all types of location based mobile applications. As of 2020, 95% of mobile users in America aged 18-30 have been using location-based service apps. The Geolocation industry is expected to grow by over 27% by 2022. Competition in the mobile technologies market is so strong that the lack of location tracking will allow users to question your competence.

With the growing demand of Geo location-based app development in 2020 with the power to detect users position, or if you have any ideas for your own location-based mobile app feel free to Contact us. Our Analysis team will guide you through the approximate cost of app creation and further requirement processes.