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How to Speed Up OpenCart Store

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  • Amar InfoTech
  • November 27, 2012

If you have a store with large no of products and categories then I am sure that you are facing issue with website speed.

To increase Massive speed you have to some database level changes.

  • You have to inactive unnecessary entry in database like product / categories count in header.  Use indexing in your database.
  • If you are using lots of images for every product then use different domain for images, you can create one sub domain example img.yourlink.com then u got edit config.php at public html and also config.php at admin folder.

define(‘HTTP_IMAGE’, ‘http://image.yoursite.com/’); or

define(‘HTTPS_IMAGE’, ‘http://image.yoursite.com/’);


  • enable  Content compression mode.
  • Add Expires headers
  • Compress all external link

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