Amar InfoTech has a reputation for adapting to new and emerging technologies. We are a mobile app design & development, web design, and web development company with Head offices in INDIA and have Global Representatives in New York, London, Canada and Netherland.

Internet of Things has opened the doors to new ideas and possibilities where every chunk of devices can connect, moderate and execute. Few innovative technologies has made this possible and beacon, iBeacon and BLE devices are one of those technologies. Amar InfoTech has jumped into this innovation and made this technology an import part of our services and solutions to support the world to do great innovations.

To be a true teammate, we know that Bluetooth mobile app development should not just be about lines of java codes. We’re here for you to consult with during the ideational stage and then through planning, strategy, design, development and execution of your idea.

    Internet of Things App Features

  • Hardware Hacking & Bluetooth Devices

  • Back-end Systems & API Development

  • Business & Enterprise Solutions

  • User Experience & Interface Design

  • App Development Consultations

  • App Security Consulting

What is Beacon, iBeacon, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), Eddystone, Kontakt, Gimbal and Bluetooth Smart devices?


Beacons technology

We can imagine beacons as a small battery-powered device attached to a wall or some place. In technical terms we can say it is a small Bluetooth low energy device that transmit tiny piece of data every second. On a hardware-level, beacons are BLE-compatible devices that broadcast data under the beacon protocols. On a software-level, beacons are small messages sent by the transmitting devices, that are then detected and processed by receiver devices, like a BLE mobile app.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

BLE, formerly marketed as Bluetooth Smart is a wireless personal area network technology designed and marketed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) aimed at novel applications in the healthcare, fitness, beacons, security, and home entertainment industries. Bluetooth Smart (or BLE) is only compatible and available on devices that are compatible with the 4.0 version of the Bluetooth Standard.


iBeacon Technology

The term iBeacon and Beacon are often used mutually. iBeacon is the name for Apple’s technology standard, which allows Mobile Apps (running on both iOS and Android devices) to listen for signals from beacons in the physical world and react accordingly. In essence, iBeacon technology allows Mobile Apps to understand their position on a micro-local scale, and deliver hyper-contextual content to users based on location. The underlying communication technology is Bluetooth Low Energy.


Eddystone by google

Eddystone is a Bluetooth advertising protocol (“packet”) designed by Google.Eddystone is a Bluetooth Low Energy beacon profile released by Google in July 2015. The Apache 2.0-licensed, cross-platform, and versioned profile contains several frame types, including Eddystone-UID, Eddystone-URL, and Eddystone-TLM. Eddystone-URL is used by the Physical Web project, whereas Eddystone-UID is typically used by native apps on a user’s device, including Google’s first party apps such as Google Maps.



Kontakt was founded in 2013 with the goal of helping the visually impaired navigate public spaces more easily, and experience cultural wonders with the same appreciation as anyone else.


Gimbal Bluetooth Low Energy Proximity Beacons

Gimbal Bluetooth Low Energy Proximity Beacons set the standard for security, battery life, durability, ease-of-installation, and more.

We developed something that you would call today a IoT (Internet of Things) solution—but already Apple released the iBeacon profile using Bluetooth Low Energy. That’s how our novelty began. Since then we’ve adopted technology like iBeacon, Eddystone, and more into our smart hardware system, and we continue to push the borders of what’s possible with bluetooth devices.

Today, Amar InfoTech is a leading global provider of IoT based technologies. We continue our initial mission to make the world a bit better place, by making objects and devices smarter so they can enhance the quality of everyone’s life. We keep exploring the technology and pushing its boundaries further than anyone would have imagined.

Amar InfoTech have developed a couple of types of beacon based bluetooth applications like the Mobile Tracking App – QTrace, but that’s not all! Seeing the probable of the technology and already working on next solutions, we must say—the best in beacons is yet to come. And we aim to be a lifetime part of it.

What Types of mobile applications we can build with beacon technology?

Probability with beacon and smart bluetooth technology is really huge and endless. Here, you can see couple of obvious and innovative way to use this technology.

Resources Tracking

As it is based on LoT (location based technology) which is energy and cost effective we can think of it to track the resources. We can build apps to track table in restaurant, tracks kids and pets in house or schools.

Effective Navigation

With the help of beacon app blind and physically challenged people with this technology. Imagine a meeting room or conference which is attire with beacon device and mobile app. Blind people can navigate to different parts with the app which detects and guide the person for the navigation.

Interactive Tour

A Zoo bluetooth mobile app, which travelers or visitors open once they get into the zoo. When they are close to selected attractions, the app gives a notification with images and video which included information of what is being looked at. In museum if are in front of an object, the app can offers all the great information about that piece.

Education & Classrooms

There are so many possibilities with this IoT technology to boost the education and classroom experiences. We can build few educational games and several education task with this technology.


All types of automation, be it home, office or any industrial, are directly associated to what beacons can offer. It should be window door which closed (without pressing any button) in the evening or your garage door that opens once your car stops to lights that go on and off as you need them to be is possible with smart bluetooth technology and beacons.

Push-Driven Marketing

We can interact and advertise in more productive way with customers and push our products and services at perfect time, perfect place and perfect way.Customers can receive quick and short offers as they walk inside the shop or pass by a shopping mall.

How Amar InfoTech can help you build your beacon app or solution?

Considering beacon technology as a “Trend” and looking at possible ideas with this we have invested huge time and resources to learn this technology and their tools. We have done several “Live” works with beacons and can rewarding that we got great level of expertise and highly trigger in beacon apps development and smart BLE app development. We are provision with overwhelming knowledge, infrastructure and methods and processes involved in design, development and deployment of bluetooth apps. Our ambitious interest and desire to innovate keeps us motivated to up-date and upgrade our skills and knowledge with beacon and IoT technologies.

    Amar InfoTech can help you at any stage of your beacon product and concept!

  • Doing Prodromal level Practicality and Analysis of your idea.

  • Design and Develop the structure, solutions and prototype of the concept.

  • Developing the backend solutions, web services with front-end for your beacon apps.

  • Elongate your existing beacon solutions or beacon apps.

What Amar InfoTech has done so far?

We have assemble prototypes with BLE beacons and also helped few of our clients around the globe to launch their BLE apps. Check out QTrace APP with Beacon, our team has built.

QTrace – Tracking app

We’re working on an app which can be useful for tracking mobile phones, keys, wallet etc. The app will help users to get current location of the items which have QTrace attached.It will also help to get details of people who tried to unlock your phone by capturing the image from front camera with location.

  • Back-end for owners and organizers

  • Receive information on app

  • Customize app interface from back-end