Best Bluetooth Tracking Device QTrace

USA venture based Indian Product App

QTrace is Indo-US based Indian Bluetooth Tracker product and Mobile Application. The Qtrace device uses Bluetooth Low Energy (known as BLE or Bluetooth 4.0) concept and have longer range, a louder alarm, and a larger crowd-finding network. By the use of Qtrace App, you can find your misplaced items easily. Qtrace App makes easy to pinpoint the location of missing valuable items whether it’s a key, wallet, mobile or purse. The app’s navigation support can guide you to it, making lost valuable things retrieval is easy and quick. To locate items, this BLE app communicates with a smartphone through Bluetooth low energy and informs when your things are in range.

How Qtrace App Works

Attach Qtrace device to the stuff you value. Pair it with our easy app and use your phone to find it fast.

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Client Idea turns in to Reality

This mobile application is for one of our clients in the United States. The client had come up with the following requirement.

  • Requirement : A client is immensely inspired by Blutooth 5 new features and Bluetooth Location based product and want us to develop a product such as a beacon, ibeacon, and Eddystone. A client wants device size as small as possible and lighter in weight. He also wants us to develop a mobile app which can pair with the product and anyone can find there lost item using a mobile app.
  • Our Solution : We created an android app that supports Bluetooth Low Energy concepts and QTrace smart Bluetooth tracker device (battery installed) to solve the above requirement. The challenge was to develop device hardware as small as possible, We made a device as Coin-Sized and it’s over smallest Bluetooth tracker yet. We have included other functionality such as Range up to 100m, Louder Ring, LED Lights fitted in it, a device is Ultra LightWeight, and Phone Finder Button.
    Our Mobile app developer worked very hard to build this incredible useful Mobile app with functionality like Smart Anti-Loss so your phone will beep alarm you, Bidirectional Alarm so When the phone is left behind and out of range, One-Touch Find, Call to your phone by pressing button, Location Record so QTrace App will show you the location where and when QTrace got disconnected on the map, and Item find community network.

Project summary

Qtrace App developed in iOS and Android mobile apps, working first on the designs and then completing the build. Both versions of the app have an integrated with various features in it.

Feedback summary

The completed applications launched and are well-received in the App store, rating highly. Communicating well, sticking to the project structure, and maintaining a friendly working relationship, the team works hard and is truly invested in the project and its success.

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