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List of Best Wireframing and Prototyping Tools 2018

May 26, 2018
Wireframing Prototyping Tools for UI and UX Designers

Hello.! Friends, Welcome to another edition of our blogs. Our focus regarding today’s blog is the wireframe and prototyping tools. But before going into the details of the Best Wireframe Software, we need to understand the importance of wireframe and how it helps us immensely during our whole development process.

So first things first, A Wireframe or A Website Wireframe is a way of designing the website at the structure level so that the whole user journey and the user needs can be clearly stated in a black and white layout. A Wireframe is a like a blueprint for your website which sets the foundation stone for your design and development phase.

If you’re a website designer, you should have the knowledge about the critical role wireframe plays in the whole software development process. Now for creating a wireframe, there are many tools and software available in the market, but the challenge is to find the best Wireframe Software for your business.

Are you worried about how to choose the best website wireframe tool? Then don’t be so. Today, We are going to explore the top 5 Wireframe and Prototyping Tools which will help you with your website design. So, let’s discuss all the tools one-by-one.

Balsamiq Mockups

Initially launched in June 2008, Balsamiq Mockups is one of the best UI design tools for web applications. It was developed the Balsamiq Studios, which was founded by in March 2008 by Peldi Guilizzoni. Due to its rapid development ability, Balsamiq Mockups has become the first choice weapon for all the website wireframe designer across the globe.

Key Features:-

  • Facility of Quick Add Button.
  • Rapid, Fast and Smarter.
  • Drag & Drop Option for Simplicity.
  • In-Built Library for UI.
  • Facility of Offline Working.
  • Smooth Collaboration with Third-Party Apps.

2) Axure RP:-

Axure RP

Developed by the Axure Software Solution, Axure RP is regarded as one of the best free wireframe tools by the industry experts. The latest version of Axure RP, Axure RP Pro, offers you with the facility of creating a wireframe for both desktop and web applications. It is a cross-platform tool which supports the OS like Windows & Mac.

Key Features:-

  • Easy Collaboration among Projects.
  • HTML Sidebar.
  • Support for Rich Internet Apps.
  • In-Built Widget Library.
  • Ease of Sharing.
  • Facility of Interactive Group.

3) UXPin:-

UXPin - Online Wireframe Tools

Founded on 11th Nov 2010, UXPin has been recognized as one of the best Mockup & Wireframing Design Tools by the experts. UXPin offers you 2 major solutions according to the size of the organization. For a small team, there is UXPin Prototyping for rapid development and for mid and large-scale teams, there is UXPin Systems for an end-to-end solution.

Key Features:-

  • Facility for Rapid Prototyping.
  • Moderated User Testing.
  • Integration of Photoshop & Sketch.
  • Support for Modular Design.
  • Auto Generate Specification for Developers.
  • Version Control.

4) InVision:-

InVision - Useful Wireframing Software

Founded in June 2011, InVision is one of the finest wireframe tools for open source development. It is an award-winning collaborative design product which is used by over 2 million people across the globe. If there is any tool which has given the Adobe Wireframe a run for its money in the recent years then it has to be the InVision.

Key Features:-

  • Facility for Mobile Prototyping.
  • Real-Time To-Do List.
  • Retina SUpport for Web Prototyping.
  • World Class Security for Design-Driven Enterprise.
  • Support for Live Sharing.
  • Ease of Project Management.

5) Fluid UI:-

Fluid UI | mobile app prototyping

When you think about wireframe design tool for open source, Fluid UI is the first name that comes to mind of every website wireframe designer. Developed by the Fluid Software using the latest technologies such as CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript, Fluid UI was founded on 4th July 2012. It is a browser-based prototyping tool which supports the platforms like Android and iPhone.

Key Features:-

  • Collaborative and Real-Time Wireframing.
  • A design on Desktop and Test on Mobile.
  • Facility of Live Video Hangout.
  • Built-In Libraries for Wireframes.
  • Version Control.
  • Facility of Interactive Linking.

Final Thoughts:-

We hope that you enjoyed reading this blog as much as we did while creating it and it will help you to choose the best wireframe and prototyping tool which will make your software development process much smoother.