This question is perplexing and subjective as the cost of developing an app depends on the factors affecting the development of an app.

With some deviation the cost of developing an app

App type Cost Time
Normal 8000$ to 10,000$ 1 to 2 Months
Advanced 30,000$ to 70,000$ 2 to 4 Months
Complex 70,000$ to 1,60,000$ 4 to 9 Months

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Cryptocurrency and Coinbase

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency where the exchange takes place in digital form. As cryptocurrency covers the market, many entrepreneurs have started their crypto exchange platforms.

Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency trading platform. Where one can buy, sell, hold & transfer bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. All the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others are traded on the Coinbase platform at a market rate. Coinbase has 35 million active clients who trade on this platform all over the world. This app is available for both the platforms Android and IOS.

The major cost measuring factors of an app like Coinbase are

  • 1) Type and size of the mobile app
  • 2) Platforms like Android and IOS
  • 3) Features and functionalities
  • 4) Design
  • 5) Security requirements
  • 6) Cost of maintenance
  • 7) Developers location

Coinbase is not only overall work for bitcoin, but also for the leading digital currency exchanges where customers can trade their preferred digital currencies.

Coinbase similar apps are having high demand in market, so most specific features are required which can support both Android and IOS platforms or on hybrid.

These are the top most popular and effective features that you can add to your similar Cryptocurrency app like Coinbase.

  • 1) User Login
  • The user can register with his credentials and create an account.

  • 2) Register
  • One-click login with social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram.

  • 3) Search box
  • The search box to know the price of specific coins, their volume, coins detail history etc.

  • 4) Filter
  • Assortment features as per price low to high, most traded, high to low market capitalization to generate dynamic data every time. Filter facility for a better user interface.

  • 5) User Profile and account details
  • All the traded coins details, buy coins, sell coins, their rates are showing on the dashboard of one’s account.

  • 6) Demat account opening
  • The app will generate a Demat account of the user within 5 minutes. No charges. Cryptocurrency is not a centrally accepted currency so the government is not responsible for your account and your holdings.

  • 7) Wallet facility
  • The app will generate the wallet for the trading amount. The user can add money to invest in coins via any payment platform or withdraw money any time they want. Single-click withdrawal facility for users.

  • 8) Transaction Details
  • In generic terms, the receipt or the bill of the transaction must be generated by an app to keep as a record of buying and selling. A receipt that holds every minute detail of the transactions of the coins including date, time, type and numbers.

  • 9) Trading
  • Buying and selling of coins happens within a second. Users can buy and sell coins without any hassle. An app can make cryptocurrency trading simple for you.

  • 10) Set targets
  • A user can set the target price of coins at which specific price they want to buy and sell. The app will automatically execute the order when the price is triggered. The user can add stop loss amount as well as the percentage of stop-loss he affords. As and when the price exceeds stop loss the app will execute the order by default.

  • 11) Payment Gateways
  • The user must be secured with his installed amount and crucial debit card and credit card details. The user must not have an inch of hesitation for his money and crucial details. The higher level of safety and two-way authentication before placing any order and transferring the coin.

    A variety of payment options will be added for a better user experience. A user can add or remove his money at any time at any place.

  • 12) Push notifications
  • Another great feature of the coinbase app is to keep notifying the user about the market price of coins. The user can check the charts and graphs of possible movement of the coins and accordingly, the user can plan his move.

  • 13) News about Coins
  • The crucial aspect for traders is to identify which coin to buy and sell as per market price fluctuations. The app will make it easy for investors to watch the market price and its fluctuations. Various experts view coins for buying and selling guidance.

  • 14) Coins Buy and sell indications and analysis
  • The different types of charts and graphs to identify the coin market trend. The possible up or down movement assumptions are based on previous studies. Trading view of the coins to analyze the right time of buying and selling the coins. Important Indicators on the graph to estimate the future move of the coins. These are useful for investors and traders who want to keep an eye on coin trends.

  • 15) Portfolio management
  • The portfolio of coins includes the total variety of buy coins. The coins which are bought at specific prices show your ownership of those coins. An app like coinbase manages your coins portfolio. For any investors, their portfolio means a lot to them. It shows them their wealth of coins.

  • 16) Profit and loss statement
  • The app will show the investors the total profit and loss in percentages. The user can check and download the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly profit and loss statements.

An app like Coinbase includes these features in the app. Making an app like Coinbase is not child’s play. It demands talented and experienced brains within a timespan.

Technical View

React Native is the best framework to build an app like Coinbase. See, the Coinbase app comes with lots of complex features and specifications. React native can handle this complexity of features wisely. Here are a few benefits to developing an app in React Native.

Benefits of using React Native for developing an app like Coinbase.

  • 1) Secured, Robust and Dynamic app
  • 2) Easy for developers as well as for users
  • 3) Quick functioning
  • 4) Handle complex features
  • 5) Operate in both IOS and Android

Now, you must have a clear idea of the cost compositions of cryptocurrency apps like Coinbase.