Ahmedabad based company, CreatoKit – AI Based Digital Business Marketing & Festival Images app is the perfect solution for businesses looking for marketing or promotion themself with any help of Advertising Agencies.

In a growing period when promoting and marketing are an unquestionable requirement to develop any business, it is regular that brands are leaning towards advertising agencies to showcase their business. Tie up with an agency is not feasible, not generally a great choice for the small business entrepreneurs, and this results in them missing out on branding initiatives, something that ultimately impedes their growth. Amar Technolabs Pvt. Ltd, an Ahmedabad-based IT Company, has developed an App called as CreatoKit – AI Based Marketing Digital Ad, Poster Maker Design App that is the absolute solution in the market for business owners to expand their business with any help of a third party advertising agency.

If you’re a new brand starting out or an existing one looking to improve your social media strategy or wants to promote your business – visual content will help establish your online identity.

Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp Status Post with Business Branding and any social media platform , almost three billion people are active social media users. So how can you leverage them to your business? The answer is simple – by creating interesting and engaging social media graphics.

CreatoKit – Free Creative Digital Marketing Poster Maker App is a versatile App with artificial intelligence that is made to meet the marketing needs of business across all the segments.

CreatoKit- Free Festival Poster Maker App : Business Branding Banner has seen rapid growth in app downloads in a month. CreatoKit provides promotional posts for all business categories, free custom-made brand frames, images and videos for all festivals and special days, events, News, free daily images, ready and easy-to-design templates, customization options, trending marketing posts, unlimited downloads, among other benefits.

CreatoKit – Free Digital Banner Maker App With Own Branding of a business becomes a simple three-step process :

  • Download CreatoKit App from Google Play Store or Apple Store
  • Add your business Details
    1. Uploading the business’ logo and other details.
    2. Our AI based CreatoKit App creates the suitable frames based on your details as per your business taste.
    3. Select the AI based Frame Designs.
  • Selecting a Category with Images or video, and downloading and sharing it on all social media/digital platforms.

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