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About The Client

Expertbs platform was designed for use of GST Accounting Software. Expertbs Accounting Software allow client to meet the demands and challenges facing businesses change every day.

Client trying to reduce costs or manage compliance mandates, They must respond quickly to changes in the industry while meeting the demands of the customers.The ExpertBs is similar to Custom CRM Solution like Salesforce. Open Systems offers them complete ERP software with a fully-integrated accounting software to exceed all of accounting, manufacturing, distribution and enterprise resource planning needs and everything in between.


  • Excellent after sales service, customizable entry and reports as well as timely upgrades are main reasons for popularity of Expertbs accounting software.
  • Expertbs has been developed using latest tools and technologies which provides unique advanced features like FTR, QAO, E-Mail, SMS etc.
  • Expertbs is GST Accounting Software which is developed in Laravel Framework and AngularJS.
  • It is suitable for GST, Account Managing, Traders, Dealers, Distributors, Retailers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers similar features in SAP and Cloud ERP.


General Ledger Application

The center of your accounting system, General Ledger provides powerful divisional and departmental accounting functions. Maintain your journal, log recurring entries, generate audit trails, and create custom financial statements.

With General Ledger at the center of your financial accounting system, you can:

  • Print financial statements and other reports for all of the years for which you’ve saved history.
  • Use unlimited budgets and forecasts for inquiry and reporting; create revised budgets and forecasts at any time.
  • Export financial statements, and drill down as needed to supporting information.

Track Day To Day Expenses

Know where your money is going and organize your spending easily.

  • Attach scanned expense receipts
  • Categorise expenses according to projects
  • Record payment made to vendors
  • Track your payables
  • Record stock purchases
  • Create professional Purchase Orders and send them directly to your vendors.

Expertbs Accounting software:

  • Easy to Use.
  • Flexible according to user’s requirement.
  • Scalable from Accountant to Large Industries.
  • After sales service.
  • Timely upgrades according to States and Central Government rules and regulations.
  • Contemporary Advanced Technology.

GST Features:

  • GST Invoicing
  • Variable duty rate selection while making invoice
  • Complete detail of Bill at the time of items selection in Bill
  • HSN/ SAC Code Mapping
  • Auto Reconciliation from GSTN
  • GST Computation
  • GST Challan Generation
  • GST Payment
  • GST Filing


  • Intimates you of your suppliers GST Invoice uploads everyday
  • Reconciles GST every day
  • Raises GST Invoices
  • Maps GSN Codes
  • Fully Cloud based so saves expensive Investment in servers
  • Hard disk crashes does not affect data
  • No Anti-virus software needed
  • Has all the features of Tally and Marg together
  • High control over data
  • Ideal for multi-branch
  • Free Version Upgrades
  • Customisable for Nominal Fee
  • Low price

Remarkable Features:

  • Inventory Management Module
  • Payment Management Module
  • Ledger Management Module
  • Sales Invoice Management Module
  • User Management Module
  • Report Management Module
  • Laravel for backend Development
  • >AngularJs for frontend Development
  • GST CRM Web Portal

About US

Amar Infotech have specillity in Laravel development Company and we have developed many software and portals in laravel framework.

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