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This Press Release Web is to pronounce a note to the readers that the established company “Dyloo” has recently launched Expedia API services to the people. Moreover the Dyloo website is filled with amazing information of travel, top selling cities, hotels and much more. The “Dyloo” website was specially designed & Develop by Amar Info Tech Company. .With the use of expedia API services, you can experience the best travel applications on the market which is powered by Dyloo network.

United States, 13th September, 2012: It is important to know that Expedia services are one of the fast growing technologies in the market. Moreover the Expedia API integration project was completely handled by Amar Info Tech and it is particularly focused for their Qatar base client. They mainly help you to access to some of the best applications and you can easily book your desired hotels, flights or cars. The benefits of Expedia API services include full design control, optimize the design of your site and also you can organize a stylish content for your business at an ease. Moreover the company provides APIs services in diverse areas and they include Hotel API, Flights API, Car Rentals API and so on.

The Hotel API is considered to be an excellent application that delivers details and availability of over 14,000  hotels and the users can easily search their beloved hotels. Moreover the effective application (Hotel API) offers a wide range of parameters such as check-in, check-out, country, city, hotel info and more. Apart from this, the Hotel API Integration allows the user to search and book the hotel rooms at any time. However this task is possible only with the help of “rest based service” implemented by the company. Further the users are required to have an API Key in order to utilize the API application and the special key will work only when the user’s API account is activated.

Also, it is essential to check the search request and supplement the accurate information with a way to get a successful response. Usually the request details will include matters regarding Production URL, Staging URL, Method, alternative staging URL and so on. The Hotel API Integration is programmed for developers and business analysts as they have a strong familiarity in Internet and search technologies. Hotel book” is one of the effective booking systems which enable the people to book a specified hotel room. For this, the user has to make the payment through the Hotel book API and you should check that you have made payment over a secure SSL channel.

One of the effective service include “Air API” and it is one of the best interface which is used to search and display flight results. Generally the Air API service is available only to the US partners at this time and the users can book the air tickets with the help of Air API application. If you are interested to know more details about the API transaction, do visit the official website and gain more knowledge.

Further if you have any questions regarding our API services or price details, please don’t hesitate to contact us: