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The IoT marketplace is quickly transforming business with exceptional innovations as usual. The number of Internet of Things trade shows, congresses, Tech Expo, exhibitions, events, and seminars other related to the IoT is arising each year. Attending top technology IoT expo and events is essential for networking, business expansion and to grab the new opportunity. If you are planning to start a business or expand your network in IoT then you must attend IoT events 2018. , it’s essential to get together to discuss the latest technology, share concepts and explore new opportunities behind the Internet of Things in the marketplace throughout the year.

We have Utilize a list of top IoT Tech expo 2018 driving this evolving market:

1) Industrial IoT Expo

Industrial IoT Expo

Why Attend:

Anyone looking to understand how to evaluate, select and implement IoT solutions that improve business processes, create new revenue opportunities and drive business. The IoT is disrupting old business models and creating opportunities, transformation and exciting new avenues for growth in companies of all kinds. Get Insight on the massive opportunity to increase the productivity and efficiency of your manufacturing and production processes.

    The following Agenda can be useful:

  • with peers, inside and outside your industry- reduce the IIoT learning curve

  • Learn from IIoT testbeds and use cases

  • Get technical solutions to mitigate cybersecurity risks

  • Insight on how AI is applied to achieve “just in time everything”

Dates: June 6-7, 2018

Location: COBB GALLERIA, Atlanta, Georgia

Official Site:

2) IoT Tech Expo Global 2018

IoT Tech Expo

Why Attend:

The IoT Tech Expo Global is the world’s best Internet of Things expo series which will introduce and explore the latest innovations and technologies. The expo will return to host thousands of attendees including CTO’s, IT Directors, Investors, Technology providers and many more. The Internet of Things Tech conferences 2018 will display the most cutting-edge innovations from more than 300 exhibitors and provide knowledge from over 300 speakers sharing their unparalleled industry ideas and real-life experiences.

  • Smart Cities

  • IoT in Enterprise

  • Data Analytics

  • Security and Privacy

  • Agriculture

  • Utilities

  • Sports and Fitness

  • Manufacturing and Supply chain

  • Sports and fitness

  • Monetization

  • Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Dates: April 18-19, 2018

Location: W14 8UX, Olympia, London

Official Site:



Why Attend:

The IT Industry in India, Gujarat may attract Rs. 2 Lakh crore investment by FY21 With state-of-the-art infrastructure, an integrated IT policy and a strong focus towards development for human resources and talent availability, Gujarat provides the conducive environment for IT industry, as stated by ASSOCHAM India. The IT Summit will provide tremendous connection opportunities in terms of networking and develop future business prospects. The Global IT industry surpassed $4.5 trillion in the year 2017, according to research consultancy IDC and expected spending will eclipse the $4.8 trillion mark. The Summit Accelerating the Government Programmes of a Digitally Enabled India which represents Digital India, Skill India, Make In India, Smart City, and Startup India Campaign.

    Technologies Include:

  • Internet of Things(IoT) 2018

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Cloud & Big data

  • Network Security Systems

  • Smart Industrial Automation

  • Robotics

  • Eco-Systems

  • Smart Applications

Dates: September 7-9, 2018

Location: Helipad ground, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

Official Site:

4) Internet of Things World

Internet of Things World

Why Attend:

Internet of Things in action from Strategy to implementation to results. Internet of Things World is the biggest IoT event in the entire globe, bringing you the best Innovations and technologies includes strategies and case studies for every vertical that IoT will effect. IoT Expo will cover Many exhibiting IoT innovations with thousands of IT industry professionals. Visitors can get free Expo pass for the Internet of Things World event and If you are Director level and above a Fortune Businessperson representing IoT technology you may qualify for expo VIP Pass. VIP Passes include access equal to the Everything Pass plus extra perks. Limited quantities are available, so don’t wait to apply. Running alongside Internet of Things World and allocating event floor, this expo brings together specialists from inside and outside the automotive industry to explore the challenges driving connected cars and autonomous vehicle.

Official Site:

5) IoT Tech Expo North America

IoT Tech Expo North America

Why Attend:

The World’s biggest IoT trade shows 2018 will bring together many industries like Logistics, Supply Chain, Insurance, Government, Automotive and Energy, Transport and Manufacturing from across the world for 2 days of top-level content and discussion. The Internet of Things Tech Conference will display the most Innovations from more than 300 exhibitors and provide perception from over 300 speakers sharing their real-life experiences and knowledge. The 2018 program will underline the most innovative advancements in technologies which are affecting the Internet of Things World.

    KEY Conference Agenda:

  • Smart Home

  • Industrial IoT

  • Smart Cities

  • Energy and Utilities

  • Smart Construction & Smart Buildings

  • Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

  • Data Infrastructure

  • Developers’ Conference

  • Leaders In IoT

Dates: May 14-17,2018

Location: Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, USA

Official Site:

6) Geo IoT World

Geo IoT World

Why Attend:

The third conference of Geo IoT world will be exploring the further location-aware Internet of Thing occasions. The golden three days of an event will cover expert sharing, network, and business opportunities and innovation discovery. The exhibition will hold the main hall and will welcome global innovators on a 380 sqm floor. The expo positioned at the intersection of IoT, location, and analytics, Geo IoT World welcomes over 250 IoT innovators that are planning or deploying location-aware IoT infrastructures, platforms and services. Taking part in the event offers multiple benefits including Two-day Interactions with world-leading IoT Exhibitors, targeted intelligent auditions, and a lot of customized features and services from Geo IoT World 2018 Expo.

    Conference Schedule:

  • Two-day Conference combining tech insights and use cases,

  • Full-day pre-conference Bluetooth Beacon Masterclass,

  • The Geo IoT Awards

  • Two-day Exhibition of latest solutions and demos in the field,

Dates: June 11-13, 2018

Location: Boulevard Adolphe Max 98 – 1000 Bruxelles, Brussels Belgium

Official Site:

7) Internet of Things Developers Conference

Internet of Things Developers Conference

Why Attend:

IoT Products developers have now opportunities to attend the world’s leading IoT Conference in Santa Clara, USA. The trade show especially organizes for IoT developers. The event will conclude topics such as technical analysis, business strategies, tutorials, and product updates. The special Hands-on presentation focus on First- end experience. The main focal point of 2018 DevCon on technologies ranging from device design to gateway deployment and from software optimization strategies to security solutions as well as allowing deep-learning techniques to observe and command the extensive loads of tool-generated data.

    Technologies topics Include:

  • Machine Learning & AI

  • IoT Gateways

  • Building hubs to harness the data explosion

  • Utilizing software development environments for M2M applications

  • taking the IoT into the cloud

  • Understanding and managing security-related issues

  • Designing ultra-low power IoT nodes

  • Exploring connectivity protocols and industry standards

  • How IoT Technologies are Impacting Key Markets & New Products

Dates: June 05-06, 2018


Official Site:

8) Internet of Things at Cloud Expo

Internet of Things at Cloud Expo

Why attend:

The IoT is the greatest innovation in enterprise IT and personal since the creation of worldwide web more than 20 years ago. The future impact of computing lies in these things, As computing seizes a much more vital role in our lives it will at the same time become much more invisible. Internet of Things Expo 2018 will address the difficult task of getting from where we are today to this future. The high-energy IoT expo 2018 is an opportunity for high-level technologists from CEOs on down – including CIOs, CTOs, directors of infrastructure, VPs of technology, IT directors and managers, network and storage managers, network engineers, enterprise architects, and communications and networking specialists. Advantages of attending the Three-day Technical event will guide you to learn exactly why IoT is relevant today from a business, economic, and technology standpoint. You will find how to drive a distributed approach to the IoT world, where applications move to the data and how the wide volumes of new data produced by the Internet of Things(IoT) provide a valuable new source of business insight through advanced analytical. After the end of the conference, you will master how the in-progress development of smart cities, cars, and houses will enhance connectivity infrastructure.

    Eight Information packed tracks:

  • IoT | IIoT | Smart Cities

  • DevOps | Containers & Microservices

  • Digital Transformation

  • Enterprise Cloud

  • Hot Topics | FinTech | WebRTC

  • Big Data | Analytics

  • The API Enterprise | Mobility & Security

  • Cognitive Computing | AI, ML, DL

Dates: November 11-13, 2018

Location: New York City, USA

Official Site:

9) Industry 4.0 Summit

Industry 4.0 Summit

Why Attend:

To stay ambitious and competitive, thousands of industrialists need mastery and knowledge, training and futuristic information and communication technology to upgrade productivity, condense product development cycles and mass development of customized products as systematic, well organized and cost-effectively as possible. You will explore all of this and much, much more at Industry 4.0 Summit 2018. The expo will organize for 2 days. Keynote for the expo will present to Government and industry leaders from the implementation of robotics applications, personalized supply chains, and technology-driven disruption. Implementation of industry 4.0 projects including development by manufacturing SMEs.

    Expo Programme Overview:

  • Industry 4.0 Leaders Symposium

  • Industry 4.0 Open Debate

  • Innovation for Growth

  • Factories of the Future – Technologies in reality

  • Factories of the Future – Small Scale Start-Up

  • New business models to a new industrial world

Dates: April 10-11, 2019

Location: Manchester, England

10) IoT Tech Expo Europe 2018

IoT Tech Expo Europe 2018

Why Attend:

IoT Tech Expo Europe 2018 is Europe’s prime IoT conference will bring together key organizations from across Europe and will further on for 2 days of top-level content and discussion. The major events will be covering Blockchain and AI, with thousands of attendees expected to visit the IoT expo 2018 including high-level CTOs, IT Directors, IoT Operators, Automotive, VCs, Investors and many more. The IoT Event 2018 Europe will highlight the most innovative advancements in technologies which are affecting IoT.

    Topics Covers:

  • Smart Cities

  • IoT in Enterprise

  • Data Analytics

  • Security and Privacy

  • Agriculture

  • Utilities

  • Sports and Fitness

  • Manufacturing and Supply chain

  • Sports and fitness

  • Monetization

  • Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Dates: June 27-28, 2018

Location: RAI, Amsterdam

Official Site:

Above list of IoT events in 2018 is incomplete as we’ve display only the crucial upcoming events. There is much more useful expo organize related to the Internet of Things in different countries. Which are your favorite conferences and why? let us know if there are any other relevant events or conferences we missed at