Iot For Retail Solutions

Strategic Design That Gets Results

IoT technologies are being depended on by retailers to grab shoppers eyes and grow their sales in the process. Customer request for innovation, product availability, quality assured product, product security, convenience is charging the evolution of the buying experience. To serve the customers need retailers are attracted towards IoT-enabled Services and solutions that provide them advanced customer engagement while gaining revenues and reducing costs.

Amar Infotech provides Smart Retail Solutions that let businesses to upgrade the customer service experience while increasing important insights into trends, supplies, and conditions. Our solutions allow you to smartly develop necessary apps for tracking items with RFID tags, ensure item availability, provide Beacons Bluetooth based personalized shopping experience, and many features to attract customers to your store.

Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Retail Solutions

Amar Infotech IoT Features for Retail Solutions:

Product Tracking and management: Our solutions give you an opportunity with the advanced tools of IoT Which boost your retail business. Tags like RFID keep more information and can be tracked easily by a system.

Connected customers: Customers are able to check your store pricing and can check inventory stocks from their mobile devices. You can better serve your loyal customers by giving them personalize offers and enabling guided shopping.

Store management and security: Retailers can use real-time information to optimize their store management, easily monitor their assets. Product protection is now easily manageable by enhancing security and prevention.

Mobile payments applications: Mobile Phones have the potential to send money through e-wallets and banking mobile apps. Amar Infotech provides you suitable tools and allows customers to make payments through their smartphones.

IoT Mobile Apps Development Approch


  • More Than 2+ Years of experiences in Bluetooth based Technology
  • 20+ BLE based apps developed
  • No Compromise on quality of Applications
  • Deep understanding of crucial issues
  • Seamless interactions with our clients
  • We adopt a progressive approach to technology

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