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Nowadays people are showing interest to go shopping at home as they get more options to choose from and at lesser effort compared to physically visiting each brand store. The online industry being so advanced now yet many of the present online shopping carts are lacking performance.

On an average 50% of online shopping carts based on PHP are developed on Magento eCommerce due its user friendliness and while many store owners are not able to get desired business through their shopping carts, reason for the same would be some of the following.

• Average 80% site’s not developed with keep in mind “SEO friendliness”

• In general 60-70% of Magento eCommerce based site has poor performance in terms of “Page Loading Speed”

If you are not sure on the above points, you can easily evaluate it by checking your site pages with:


• Yslow Results (

As we have seen the major issues for under performance of the Magento Stores it would be better now to discuss solution. The performance of the online store can be improved to an extent by some of these fixes designing templates by keeping in mind the SEO, Optimizing Magneto store by installing some extensions and configure it properly for File Compression and Caching, Optimize Images(Loading all the separate images from single image with Positioning).hope the mentioned fixes are helpful to spot the issues with your stores performance.

Wishing you Marry Christmas and Success with your business in the New Year!!