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Now a day’s eCommerce is on boom and nits not only limited to large scale firm, even small and medium scale companies are showing interest to start their online store for showcasing and selling their products as a result we see many new online shopping stores coming live each month.

Magento eCommerce one of the many eCommerce software and platform available in the market today is growing many folds in number of store setup and version upgrades. We have 3 versions of magento available in the market today magento Go,magento community and magento enterprise.

Magento Community edition is the version having more usage than the other 2 versions. This community edition provide most of the required functionality for an eCommerce store but sometimes depending upon clients targeted audience and regions there is need of extending default functionality.

Magento Connect is the Marketplace for Custom Magento Commercial, Non-Commercial Magento Extensions. Any of the Individual or Company can Host their Extensions over here which get instantly worldwide audience.

Some of the important expects are as below to develop Custom Magento Extension Development for Commercial, Non-Commercial Purpose.

  • Version Compatibility:

    Here as we know most used versions of magento are community series so we it would be advisable to plan extension compatible to most of community versions latest to version released few years back.
  • Code Security/License:

    As we know when someone uses your extension he can reuse code for this code encryption should in place and choose proper license option for your plugin.
  • Marketing:

    To have good popularity and sales every extension should be marketed well not only on Magento connect but also on other extension showcases.
  • Payment:

    If the extension is paid then you may give link to your website and process payment, once you receive the payment you can email extension to the respective buyer or you can even automate this process by sending extension email as the payment is done.
  • Support:

    Give an instant support and assistance towards your buyers or users are very essentials to increase your popularity and get good reviews. Continuous maintenance also helps you to upgrade your extension and functionality to attract more prospects.

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