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The era of long term marketing planning has taken a backseat. Now no longer companies spend a huge amount of money in the distribution of pamphlets and door to door salesman policy. In 2012, it is more about technology freaks who develop mobile applications which allow users to do every single transaction in a matter of few seconds.

Many banks, branded shoe companies indulge in online marketing as it gives them a large platform to interact with their customers. Mobile apps definitely create hype about your brand in the market. If your product is flashed online three or four times a day then you are very much in business as a customer sitting on social networking sites remember your brand or product subconsciously and recall value of your product increases. With a growing trend, many firms hire companies to create a portal which attracts maximum customers. You will not get just one but many companies online, who allow companies to rule the online market. These companies charge a hefty amount for their services but compared to the sales returns, charges seem mere numbers.

Expert developers create a portal which is made with maximum utilization of resources at minimum expense. It increases the target market. It gives vision and direction to your marketing strategy. It makes your product stand out in front of your competitors. Online marketing saves the cost of paper bound expensive catalogues. If e-commerce is not a part of your marketing strategy then you are losing on around lakhs of customers and crores of profit. Online marketing offers variety to customers at a single place.

Expert developers introduce applications which make your product recognizable at a global level. As the thirst for technology will increase A WORLD CALLED ONLINE MARKETING will go places. In every new experiment, there are some risks involved like it can be hacked. Mobile applications suck up a large amount of battery of a mobile. The processor of mobile devices is slow and acquires a large part of the memory. Mobile networks are slow in providing information and network sources may or may not be reliable. Unavailability of unlimited data plans has resulted in a high cost of the mobile application. Mobile applications have given birth to “SMARTPHONES”. Many companies compete to attract the customer.

In this fast-moving world where it is a rat race, the mobile application acts as a weapon to capture the attention of customers. Now a day’s every brand has jumped on this opportunity as it offers the diversity of customers and higher profits with each passing day. The day is not too far when even newspaper will be a mobile application. The main reason behind the success of the mobile apps market is the demand because it offers customers comfort. The market for mobile application is here to stay for the next fifty years until human again surprise themselves with new technology.