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There are numerous organizations which are promising a dream of not visiting a gas station ever again. In fact, on demand fuel delivery has popped up in many cities like California and countries like Dubai. Whereas it’s quite common and common among Londoners. 10 years ago it was unbelievable that we would get rid from our door steps. That’s also without raising our hands for calling a vehicle. Not only that it was also unimaginable to seek the desired food delivered to your doorstep.

A major part of creating an on-demand fuel delivery solution is building an infrastructure—the grassroot level of work, which again requires building a fleet of fuel trucks.

But from the day Uber, Ola, dominos and many other on-demand door steps services, coupled through apps, came into existence, everything feels like a dream come true and still not a big deal. All companies with help of app creation are achieving massive success by bringing the required services at just a single click and offering what we instantly require.

Recently, we are living in the on-demand app world of economy. Did you ever know what it means for your business? According to the research from Harvard Business reports, the On-demand app is attracting around 2.4 million customers or consumers and around $57.6 billion in utilization every year.

Checking on the rise of such an on-demand app, lots of start-ups are moving towards the innovative ideas of interacting with people with services or products while making their life convenient. One such app which is brewing in the market is On-Demand Fuel/Gas delivery apps.

Requirement and Rise of On-demand fuel app development

One of the reservoir engineer at Shell, one of the global leader in Gas and oil leader, was situated at the remote location of West coast of Africa. This specific island had only population of 5000 people with only 1 fuel station which was serving all. Every weekend people would drive around 25 kms and stand in a long queue to start refuelling. Staying in same location and checking out the difficulties between the fuel and people, the idea of creating an online demand fuel delivery services came into the existence. Functionality of application would be playing a major task and role in providing user with better experience.

How to start an on demand fuel delivery business in your region?

  • License and ownership
  • Routing location via GEO enabled system of transportation
  • Account maintenance and user qualification along with user conduct.
  • Restrict on activities prohibited.
  • User provided and payment content
  • Work on off-line and on-line marketing

Prerequisite for on-demand fuel delivery app development solutions?

It’s essential to know why one requires an on-demand gas or fuel delivery or a door step delivery of fuel. So below are some of the benefits with regards to starting a fuel delivery company.

  • Saves Time
  • Friendly environment
  • High standard fuel
  • Convenience
  • Maintenance at lower end

Features which will make App stand out in Market

Features which will make App stand out in Market

While developing the application, one has to check on the categories while counting on the features. Let’s check the features for the same :

Features of Customer Focus

  • Sign up/ Login
  • Select Gas/Fuel stations
  • Select Gas/Fuel stations
  • Discounts/ Offers
  • Quick reorder
  • Order tracking
  • Delivery request- for Fuel
  • Costing
  • Integration payment
  • Actual time tracking
  • Notifications based on Push
  • History of Order
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Receipts –Digital
  • Profile for user
  • Assistance and Support
  • Referrals

Features for Driver Focused

  • Sign up/ Log-in
  • Status- Active (Offline/ Online)
  • Dashboard
  • Features based on Real time
  • Information of Customer
  • Location Navigation
  • Digital Signature
  • Payment Mode and payment
  • Payment Mode and payment
  • Delivery status
  • Support/Help

Focus on Admin

  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • Tankers of Fuel
  • Drivers
  • Customers
  • Pricing of Fuels
  • History of orders
  • Payment and commissions
  • Reports
  • Manage categories
  • Notifications


  • Booking on Web
  • Manual dispatch
  • Walkthrough screen
  • Ordering from social sites
  • Logistics integration
  • Customer chat
  • Users feed

Benefits of Having On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

Benefits of Having On-Demand Fuel Delivery App
  • Customizable and White label :Offering tailored and innovative solutions for building fuel delivery apps with your features, branding and integrations.
  • Cost effective with time :Ready to use solution of base is already effective and available which would save development time and costing for you.
  • On demand Expertise :Gained insight on the app development which enables to offer robust solutions.
  • Overall Global Solution :Out of box support is provided with multiple languages and currencies for having a global reach out.
  • Multiple modes of payment :Nowadays there are numerous modes of payment which could be implemented due to the customer’s requirement.
  • User-friendly :All the stakeholders which includes all- customers, admin and driver get intuitive interfaces for efficient and easy use.
  • Scalable and Robust :The on-demand gas and fuel app development solution could easily scale with increasing apps in the due course.
  • Third Party Integrations :Expand and Enhance the overall functionality of an already robust solution with appropriate support for additional software and API.
  • Support which is dedicated :On-demand team would be providing an end-to-end solution with a dedicated model of engagement.

Advantages for delivery app development

Listed below are some advantages for On-demand fuel delivery app :

  • Option of ordering fuel at the doorstep with just a tap and intimating the address
  • Real time changes notifications as and when order status changes
  • Login via Facebook which is quick and easy
  • Single checking with convenient order placement.
  • History of orders to check on total orders done till now.

Challenges on the way to on-demand fuel delivery App?

There are a lot of challenges which would be coming on the way while getting it developed. It’s absolutely correct that there are numerous financiers who emerged who are having innovative ideas, but it’s also correct that there are an abundance of companies. It’s difficult to make out which companies are working sincerely and dedicatedly to get projects worked out. As few companies have just entered to gain first mover advantage without any proper analysis.

  • Safety Issues :It’s universal for any app development organization. Security needs to be handled quite actively. It’s the one which is always in the picture. Necessary precautions need to be taken care.
  • Legal Issues :Government concerns are always there when it comes with regards to oil and gas. You need to check out for trucks which would keep threats at bay. You should prepare to overcome all the threats to beat. Once done that you would be victorious.
  • Design passable and safe Trucks :The truck should be theft-proof, combustion free and air-tight as fuel is highly sensitive to air, combustion and leakage.
  • Technology- high tech :Trucks need to be built with high technologies. They must include a system of fuel monitoring which could check with regards to impurities and adulterations.

Cost for Developing an On-Demand Fuel App

Costing will depend on the features and number of platforms on which clients would like to get it developed. Besides the cost of development and fuel delivery app documentation will depend on the specific countries from where one is planning to get it developed. For e.g. developers working in the US would be charging on higher end whereas the cost in India is quite less. Further it would also depend on factors such as UX/UI experience, Front and Back end development, App platform, testing tools and Technology involved.

Why with Amar InfoTech?

Amar InfoTech long years of experience and exceptional hand on on-demand fuel delivery app development solutions makes us an ideal partner for both enterprises and Start-ups. Our In-house Developers, project Managers, and designer’s maintain confidentiality with regards to delivery and mobility of projects with time stamps.

  • The team of development uses a robust technology and enterprise grade tech-stack to power the brand on demand fuel app.
  • All aspects are taken care of while the development takes place.
  • Experience in building and handling high end optimized architecture which keeps hosting cost low.
  • Expertise in working with API’s and third parties such as AWS, OpenTak, Webrtc.
  • Amar InfoTech ensures that you get high quality product with suitable cost
  • Help in building strategy of launch for app
  • Do go ahead with the market place strategies and protocols for getting the app accepted in the play store easily.
  • Go Live within no time span.
  • Powerful analytics

Wrapping Up

On Demand Fuel delivery app is gaining momentum gradually into the market in numerous parts across the world. In the near future we check out for many other players coming forward and starting up their business of delivering fuels and gas. Amar InfoTech developers are well versed with On demand app development for fuel and Gas App and are responsible for uberification of many services in the industry. You just need to check on the appropriate organization which could provide you with an apt solution with security and come up with a dream on-demand fuel app. It will solve user’s daily problems through tech implementation. You should deliver fuel/gas at the doorstep by providing a consumer-friendly, sustainable refuelling experience and safer. It’s time to move ahead with action and provide a high quality Fuel delivery app.