Saudi Arabia’s Leading Travel Company Choose Amar Infotech for Digital Transformation

Saudi Arabia’s top travel management company is teaming up with Amar Infotech to boost its online presence and upgrade its digital transformation services.

This partnership is a big step forward for the travel industry, with Amar Infotech taking charge of transforming the company’s travel website and mobile app.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the travel industry, staying ahead requires a seamless blend of technology and innovation.

Bisan Travel and Tourism, Saudi Arabia’s prominent travel company, recognized this need for digital transformation and found a reliable partner in Amar Infotech.

India-Saudi Arabia: A new era of cooperation

Amar Infotech: A Decade of Excellence in Travel Technology

  • Founded in 2009
  • Amar Infotech, a trailblazing technology company, embarked on its journey with a commitment to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

  • Venturing into Travel Industry in 2012
  • With a strategic shift in 2012, Amar Infotech set its sights on the travel industry as TravellGDS – Global Travel Tech Partner, leveraging its expertise to revolutionize the way travel businesses operate.

  • A Decade of Experience
  • Boasting a decade of experience, Amar Infotech has honed its skills in developing top-notch B2C and B2B Travel Software Web Portals and Mobile Apps.

Expanding Horizons: Working with Expedia and Beyond

A Collaborative Journey with Bisan Travel and Tourism

  • Project Requirement Understanding
  • The partnership between Amar Infotech and Bisan Travel and Tourism began with a meticulous understanding of project requirements, a process that spanned over a year.

  • Face-to-Face Collaboration
  • Bisan Travel and Tourism took the relationship to the next level by visiting Amar Infotech’s head office in Ahmedabad. In-person discussions unearthed additional features for the travel portal and explored opportunities in the Saudi market.

  • Thorough Screening
  • Bisan Travel and Tourism conducted a comprehensive screening with Amar Infotech’s development team, ensuring alignment and competence.

  • Long-Term Commitment
  • Impressed by the capabilities and dedication, Bisan Travel and Tourism solidified their commitment by providing a long-term contract to Amar Infotech.

Amar Infotech Collaborative Journey with Bisan Travel and Tourism

Amar Infotech’s Comprehensive Services

Amar Infotech offers a diverse range of services tailored for the travel industry:

  • Web Development
  • Crafting robust and user-friendly websites to enhance the online presence of travel businesses.

  • Mobile App Development
  • Creating customized mobile apps to meet the on-the-go needs of modern travellers.

  • Front-End Development
  • Designing intuitive and engaging user interfaces for enhanced user experiences.

  • Travel XML API Integration
  • Seamlessly integrating various APIs for real-time data and functionality.

  • B2C2B Portal Development
  • Developing powerful portals for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business interactions.

  • Travel Extranet Solutions
  • Providing extranet solutions for hotels, tours, activities, and flights to streamline operations.

  • Travel White Label Websites
  • Offering white-label solutions for a personalized and branded online presence.

Future Outlook

As this collaboration unfolds, the synergy between Saudi Arabia’s top travel company (Bisan Travel and Tourism) and Amar Infotech is set to redefine the digital landscape of the travel industry. With a focus on web and mobile app development, coupled with strong project management, Amar Infotech aims to set a new benchmark for travel technology solutions that not only meets current industry demands but also anticipates and adapts to future trends.