PWAs or Progressive Web Apps are a boon to Microsoft. Microsoft created lots of efforts with their subway Apps and UWP or Universal Windows Platform. however, with this new boom within the usage of Progressive net Apps, Microsoft is adding support for PWAs on Windows ten together with Google on the automaton. net developers are very needing to build nice PWAs for varied platforms. Plus, these applications are cross-platform. this implies that developers have to develop these PWAs singly for various platforms.

Progressive net Apps for Windows 10

Progressive web Apps have full access to Windows ten feature arthropod genus and may be put in across the complete UWP device family (including the secure Windows ten S-mode devices) whereas still guaranteeing compatibility across alternative browsers and devices. PWAs are a natural evolution of Hosted net Apps, however with standards-based support for offline situations, because of the Service staff, Cache, and Push arthropod genus.

    Today, we have a tendency to are visiting list and in short describe high ten PWA for Windows 10 They are:

  • Uber

  • Twitter

  • Android Messages

  • Google Maps

  • Google Photos

  • Tinder

  • Starbucks

  • Flip-board

  • Telegram

  • Air France


With the discontinuance of Windows ten Mobile, Uber forces the plug on their UWP application feat Windows ten with a political candidate app for Uber. But, they discharged PWA for his or her service that is sort of absolutely practical and is unbroken largely up to now. you’ll be able to notice the PWA on


Twitter has continuously been an excellent supporter of Microsoft’s App-based mostly strategy. They discharged a subway App and well as a UWP with the general public unharness of Microsoft’s individual platform. however, with the rising of PWAs and Microsoft’s discontinuance of Windows ten Mobile, Twitter updated their UWP to be a PWA. you’ll be able to access the Twitter PWA for Windows ten here.

Android Messages

Android Messages for the net are the central thanks to accessing the text messages from your automation Phone with automation Messages app put into your pc. you’ll be able to use this new PWA here.

Google Maps

Google Maps is one in all the foremost correct map and navigation services within the world. With the support or live navigation and alternative nice feature obtainable for the native automaton app, you’ll be able to access the Google Maps PWA here.

Google Photos

If your somebody UN agency uses Google Photos on their phone to backup, organize and edit your photos, there’s excellent news for you. Google Photos PWA will everything that a native app will except some minor options. you’ll be able to access this PWA for Google Photos here.


Tinder is one in all the foremost known geological dating apps everywhere the globe. With a right swipe, you’ll be able to sort of a person, left swipe to pass and swipe up to Super Like. you’ll be able to access the full-featured PWA here on


Starbucks is one in all the best occasional outlets around the globe. So, if you’re somebody UN agency could be a regular Starbucks client, you’ll be able to browse the occasional Menu similarly as your Starbucks Reward points with the PWA that may be found here.


If you’re keen on to examine varied styles of stories of various varieties, Buckboard is your companion. the nice and enticing style can facilitate your notice organized content on your fingertips anytime. you’ll be able to notice the Flip board PWA here on


Telegram could be a fashionable chat and HD calls application. It works in most of the countries and in some countries wherever even Whats App doesn’t work properly. you’ll be able to notice its PWA here.

Air France Mobile

If your somebody UN agency travels exploitation Air France lots, you’ll be able to access the quicker and lighter version of its web site that is constructed and enforced as a PWA here. it’s all the options of the native automaton and iOS application and is furthermore a quicker version of the identical. In short, this PWA is simply what everybody ought to use as per my personal opinion.