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Year 2012 was not less successful for the Company excluding the small drawback in the ios 6 mapping features, there was a great rush seen among the ios lovers to buy the new gadget and queued up for hours to retrieve their new product iPhone5.

In 2013, company plan to enter in to the supply chain market by making a huge investment. Side by side rumors are there for launching the next version of iPhone i.e iPhone6 with more enhances features, larger display and more fun loving.

Research In Motion (RIM):

Most widely used as RIM the developer of Black Berry Smart phones and IOS is struggling and had a tough competition in 2012 among the popular ios and Android market. About 5% of the total market is been captured by the BB ios users which is not acting as a good sign for the Management.

In 2013, RIM has some new plans in order to stabilized and acquire Android in order to get more market space and to be in the competition. Let’s hope for the best and wish all the very best to RIM


No doubt in saying that Android has achieved 83% of the total Smartphone users leaving its rival IOS behind. After acquired by Google in 2006 Android was widely known as Google product.

But the scenario is different now. Although the majority of the mobile users are of Android, which share partnership with lot of companies in mobile development likes Samsung, HTC, and many others. But apart from licensing to other, Google should also look out of the box.

In 2013, in order to stay in the line, Google has tie up with Motorola for the new devices and planned to launch their own mobile series in the name of the company itself to give a hard competition to others


After tasting the Success in 2012, 2011 it continues to achieve the taste in 2012 also. The Galaxy series of the company in the mobile market has really proven the great profit to this Korean company.

In 2013, tech world was shock after the news of Samsung planning to launch its own OS tying up with Tizen Group, a Linux based OS. Source revealed that Samsung is already a member of the group and in order to stabilize its monopoly by producing its mobile it also want to have its own OS rather to depend upon Android.


Microsoft is now not a limited name for producing Windows OS. A step ahead company has already jumped into the Mobile market and tie up with the giant Mobile partners introducing Windows OS in 2012. Stepping into the mobile market, company haven’t move from its main stream and have also launched Windows 8 for the computer users with some more enhance and attractive features.

In 2013, company plans to establish their retail shops in order to get the more customer market and also planned some new features to be added in its recently launched IOS 8 to make it more user friendly and more popular.