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It’s quite frequent that your child begs for new toy’s each day but for sure in a day or weeks’ time span you could find that toy in one corner of your home. For coming out of such a scenario, Toy-Swapping or Toy-sharing apps are getting developed for implementing changes. On an average it’s found that around 238 toys collected with a single kid, but are using only 12 toys for playing in a day’s time span.

Why Toy Exchange?

Have you got Children or kids? Then definitely your home must also be filled with lots of Toys which must not be of your children’s interest anymore. Even if you are those parents who think a lot before going ahead with any new toy purchase. According to some Behaviour and development study, it’s said that fewer toys would create less distraction which would result in better learning. We all are aware that kids do learn while they play. It is a simple means where you contact your neighbourhood, family members, local community and swap toys with one another.

Tips for Decluttering Toys

The target over here is not to get rid of all the toys – but certainly to have a certain number of toys which are different for enhancing a kid’s skills. But what has to be done with the toy’s which are not in use or kids have stopped playing within some span of time. Or the toys which they grew out after 5 months? Due to which lots of toys are cluttered across the home. Generally, what we do is throw them out or give it to our maids. But there is another better option which is referred to as Toy- Exchange/Toy Swap Mobile App Development.

It could be kind of a tedious task when you have to clutter the toys across your home or sell it or donate. If you don’t keep it correctly, they would be ending in a garage or spaces closest to your living room. So what’s the innovative solution for the same. Few organizations have come up with innovative ideas for Toy-Swapping.

Benefits for Toy Swap

  • Saving Money :It’s a win-win situation where you share your toys within your community, family members etc. If you have constraint with your finances, then you can get relief from financial and anxiety stress. With Toy-swap you will not have to spend a penny for purchasing any new one. You could see a big smile on your kids face whenever he receives new toys with swapping.
  • Interact with Community :Even though we may not like to admit, the fact is that we are creatures for community. I believe it personally that connecting with others across communities is good for mental health and overall upbringing. Also it’s a major fact with regards to handling or tackling changes of climate.
  • Access for those unable to purchase gifts :There may be many families who would be struggling to purchase toys for their kids. Going ahead with Swap technology, it would provide accessibility for those who require a little boost in growing their kids.
  • Unused Toys –distributed :As we discussed earlier that kids could grow out of their toys quite easily and quickly. Toy Cluttering is one area where every parent does struggle with. Toy Exchange could be a great outlet for toys.
  • Less distraction with Limited Toys :Fact is that children do benefit more with lesser toys as there is less of distraction. Toy-Rental could be the best place to collect 1-2 toys back home, thus reducing the cost of toys at home.
  • Save the waste :When you purchase a toy you are having a waste material along with it. You get an extra burden of keeping the waste or removing it. Can these toy manufacturers check out for some options of better packaging? Hosting the toy-swap could be a remarkable idea for the packaging part. One could get rid of it.

Toy Libraries

In general, we all have Libraries from where we could take books for gaining knowledge. In the same manner why don’t we give kids the chance to get new toys from the libraries of toys. With this their wallets would not be overloaded with payments to be done. Toy Rental libraries are an example of a sharing economy. It’s a network where lots of people are sharing resources in an efficient manner. When kids get the hang of new toys they feel a bit more excited and do take care of their toys in a better manner. Please ensure that all sorts of toys such as- Magnetic, wooden, Stem, Montessori etc. are there for learning and experiments.

How does Libraries of Toys work?

Libraries of toys falls into 3 types:

  • Onsite :Over here kids visited the libraries and played with the toys but unfortunately could not check-out to take home.
  • Lending Toy libraries :In this, children could check out with any number of toys to their home with a specified time span which could last either for 1 week or 1 month’s duration. Whereas some of the libraries have onsite play sessions.
  • Mobile libraries of toys :It’s a library of toys which move from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. When it reaches the location, kids could either borrow them for taking home or can play over there itself and return.

What are Toy Subscription Services?

Best Toy Exchange or swapping Apps

It is referred to as recurring services for shipment of toys and kits of projects with different age groups. Few of the boxes include activities and toys, while some other include direction for kids and materials for friendly projects. In some of the cases the items included are yours, which you could keep, whereas others let rent toys until one is ready for the next set of toys. With the services of rental one has the option of buying any toy which is liked by the kids. Generally, the plans of subscriptions are monthly but are offered less frequently either on seasonal or Bi-Monthly basis.

It includes the following :

  • Engaging and Fun filled toys
  • Kits of projects selected by experts
  • Toys are educational and Stimulating
  • Customization of boxes are available
  • Eco-friendly toys or recycled plastic or natural use of materials

Benefits with regards to Toy libraries with Educational Toys Exchange

  • Financially
  • Benefits of environment
  • Benefitting Socially
  • Education
  • Helping Kids of special requirements

Tips for Planning Toy-Swap

Planning Toy-Swap Apps

If it’s your first venture of hosting the Toy-Swap, you should check out with gauging interest across your community, family members and friends. Initially when it was discussed among the community, no one was sure whether it would be liked or not. No one wants to plan a thing for which no one is interested or are going to turn up. Luckily, the idea got remarkable feedback and took into planning.

Tips for planning are :

  • Logistics need to be decided
  • Check on community tips (via social media what are their thoughts about?)
  • Location
  • Seek volunteers

Features added in the Toy-Swap Apps

For Buyers

  • Searching for toys for sale (location, gender, age and price)
  • Shortlist the items as favourites and get alerts in case of change in prices or whether they are not available longer.
  • Arrange with regards to sale and message the seller for inquiries.

For Sellers

  • Editing and posting Toys for sale which includes Pictures, descriptions, costs, and location of pick-ups.
  • Able to click photos from the application for posting.


  • Manage accounts which includes-preferences, profile and settings.
  • Manage for marking posts, messages or users as inappropriate or spam
  • Ability for providing feedback and ratings with regards to sellers and buyers.
  • Listing of categories and toys for swapping
  • Bidding on the Toys

Process of approach and designing

  • Brand and Logo Design
  • Scope
  • Discover
  • Analysis of competition for the Toy application
  • Interviews with regards to Seller, buyer and others.
  • Journey mapping
  • Idea created
  • Wireframes
  • Designing of Mobile application
  • Prototype and Testing
  • Final product

How much does it cost for a Toy-Swap app?

For finalizing the cost of the application, one has to check out on the following :

  • Application features
  • Number of platforms (which could include- Android, iOS and other Mobiles
  • Technology as well as complexity
  • How long will it take to develop an application?
  • Kinds and categories of Toy Swapping App.

Why Select Amar InfoTech?

Amar InfoTech is quite different as compared to other organizations similar to them. You could easily come to know when you start working with us. Some of the appropriate reasons for hiring the agency are as follows

  • Expert Developers and Team members
  • Approach
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Clarity
  • Relationship
  • Services which are affordable

Wrapping Up

Toys are every kid’s dream and they are on lookout for new brand toys at every point of time. But now a day’s costs of toys have increased at such a high speed that it’s not affordable for all. So if Educational Toys Rental or Toy Swapping is implemented then it could bring joy to lots of kid’s life. Instead of throwing the old toys one could swap them with another category of toys. For developing such a wonderful app, you should figure out what’s your requirement and how you would like to go ahead with the app development.