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About The Client

Excel PTP – International | Corporate | Professional IT Training Company India is looking for software for administrator in which he can manage all students records with front and and Admin panel.Admin panel client need Login as for security purpose, Also he can manage Candidate data from admin panel. From Front end Candidate reporting as per daily basis and Admin panel all the candidate report manageable with daily and monthly basis.

ExcelPTP VPM is one of the such application that is designed to help Administrator to manage the candidate daily performance and attendance Reports.

Client needs to Job Posting, Courseware, and wants to give Notification to Candidate for Job posting and pending fees. This software called as VPM which allows Admin to recognize Candidate potential and performance in the interview. It helps Admin and the organization in general devise ways to retain talent, by motivating and rewarding them in a timely manner.


  • In the Training Institute this software organize the candidate data with propur Job profile and course which candidate joins.
  • ExcelPTP software have two phase 1 is for candidate who can able to login with thier portal with Username and Password and Report daily activity and maintain their attendance record. Phase 2 is for administrator who can manage all the candidate data and according to candidate he will post the job and arrange interviews.
  • This software is very useful for and training institute and collage to maintain Student data Report and for Job also.
  • ExcelVPM is Web-based Training Institute Management Solution we have develop this solution for one Leading Corporate International IT Training Company – ExcelPTP in India. The Top 8 Open Source Learning Management Systems like Moodle, ATutor, Eliademy, Forma LMS, Dokeos, ILIAS, Opigno, OpenOLAT
  • Candidate activation done by administrator only and also he can notify candidate for fees and other useful activities like: Interview and many more.
  • In this software Candidate Leave management with yearly leave calendar so candidates can add leave by checking calendar.
  • At the end of the training candidate can give feedback to trainer and institute also admin can review candidate on his performance through its training period.


For Front End Web Application

  • Candidate can add also leave application.
  • Candidate can select category from drop down as a Leave Application,Testimonials and Date to Date option.
  • Candidate can enter Message with submit option.
  • Training Institute Management System – ExcelVPM
  • Candidate can see application listing of applications with system generated date,category and message.
  • Candidate can view or delete that application.

For Admin Web Application

  • Admin manage Candidate leave application.
  • Admin can see candidates reporting details with following Fields:Student Name,Technology,current Module,Program,Last login,Attended days,Status and Action.
  • Admin can filter the details with Name,Technology and Status through search panel.
  • Admin manage Candidate Profile active or deactive.
  • Admin can send Notification for Job Interview.
  • Admin can able to send notification for any pending Fees and other charges.
  • Admin can give review to Candidate as per his performance.
  • Admin can export all the details with in specified file format with Export option.
  • From thar pop up,Admin can change the status either rejected or accepted with comments field.
  • By Clicking on view option,Admin can see all details with reporting.
  • Admin can give access for interview from this panel.

Remarkable Features:

  • Change the performance rating of an candidate with a simple drag and drop operation.
  • View the interview performance and candidate profile in a grid named as the Candidate List.
  • Developed in CakePHP and Angularjs.
  • Candidate Reporting as per daily basis with Registration date and Expiry date, Which includes Technology, Program and Time slot of training.
  • From Admin Panel administrator post job vacancy according to technology and program.
  • Admin also able to add new course in the admin panel and it will visible to specific technology selected candidates.
  • Admin also send push notification to candidate for any topic like: Pending Amount, Job Interview.
  • Best Free Open Source Training Institute Management Web Based Solution.
  • Admin able to manage Candidate Query and their solutions.
  • Administrator have all rights for Candidate Profile Like: Active/Deactive and Leave Approval.
  • Administrator can add new company with fields like: Company Name, Address,Contact No., HR Name and HR email so candidate can apply easily.
  • Candidate can able to see their dashboard with Modules where they are under trainee.
  • Candidate able to add daily Reporting with Task and Assignee.
  • Candidate able to check their Notification on dashboard along with Upcoming Holidays.
  • Candidate also check Job Vacancy Listed to dashboard to apply.
  • Candidate can able to submit Queries related to their Training Program.

Impact on Client business after using our Solution

Our services and support use a combination of automated tools and management systems.

  • Easily Manage Candidate Monthly and Daily Reports
  • Track Candidate Leaves and records
  • Save time to Manage Candidate Profile and Job Process
  • Time Saving to track candidate profile
  • Convenient to Export Candidate data
  • Easy to share Job Vacancy interview for candidates
  • Email Notification & Reminders for Pending Amount and Other Activities

About US

Amar Infotech have specillity in CakePHP Company and we have developed many software and portals in CakePHP framework with Angularjs.

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