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TRAVEL SEARCH ENGINE is not a travel agency, and they don’t sell tickets. If you have questions regarding booking, then you are at wrong place, here you should contact the travel agency or Airline Company.

Basically TRAVEL SEARCH ENGINE simply pulls off Air Fare / Hotel Rates from various OTAs (Online Travel Agency) as per user’s requirement. As for user (Traveler) he doesn’t have to check dozens of OTAs to get the BEST TRAVEL DEALS but he can Use TRAVEL SEARCH ENGINE to check the prices of Dozens of OTAs in a single page. And Booking will be done directly on the concern OTAs on which the user clicks. Basically it’s a PPC Business Model.

Simply, Travel Search Engine doesn’t provide booking options It Only Searches Fare Data from Other Websites.

Some of the leading Travel Search Engine Now a days are WeGo, SkyScanner, Kayak, Travigator, Momondo etc…

Here are just a few of our innovative features of Travel Search Engine:

  • Geo Search – search by airport code, city, landmarks or nearby airport selector

  • Interactive Calendar – explore date ranges and find the lowest fares

  • Real-time Filters – focus on flights and hotels that suit your preferences

  • Color-coded Time Bars – compare flights at a glance

Amar Infotech can assist you with

  • Design and Development of Custom Travel Search Engine

  • Integration of Third Party Travel Search Engine APIs

  • Integration of Various OTAs APIs

  • Expedia Hotels APIs Integration

To learn more on how we can assist you for Travel Search Engine Development and Customization to growing your business, CONTACT US or read OUR BLOG.