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WhatsApp Business which is successfully running in US, UK, Indonesia or Italy since few days is now available in India for SMEs for better communication with its customers. In January 2018 Whatsapp launched a new version for android user’s and the Business Whatsapp is finally available for download, and millions of small business owners in India can take advantage of what WhatsApp Business has to offer.Currently, the app is available only in Android version 4.0 or later, the Facebook has plans to launch it for iOS in near future. You can download it free from Google play store.

How To Set Up Business Whatsapp APP in Mobile

WhatsApp Business is a separate service with a different target audience such as Business Messages, the app will ask you for an alternate mobile number, which is not the same as the one you use with the regular WhatsApp. In case you don’t have another number, you can continue using your existing number, just that the personal profile will be transferred to a business profile, along with all your contacts.

You can use Whatsapp Business with another mobile number separately. You will also be given an option to migrate your chat history and groups when switching to a business account. And if you have two different numbers (one personal and other for business), you can use both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business apps. Unlike the usual app, the business app has some extra features. So, without any further ado, let’s go ahead and see how to create your business profile and look at the app features.

Set Up Business Whatsapp Account

Once download and Installation did user have to set up a business profile. You will have to enter your business name, which could be your shop name or company name. Do note, once created, you will not be able to change the name of your business. So, whatever you enter, has to be the final one.

Set Up a Business Profile

One of the best features of the app is that you can create your business profile where you can add your business details. Tap on the three-dots on the top right, then tap on ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Business settings’.

Open Profile settings, you get to set a display image, followed by your business address. You can even pin the location on Google Maps so that it becomes easier for users to simply tap on the map and navigate to your location. Next step, you also get to choose a category for your service, which could be automotive, clothing, finance, restaurant and transport among others.

how to Set Up a whatsapp Business Profile

In the next section, you can describe what your business description, followed by working days and hours. You also get to add your business email address, and website. Once all details are added, tap on save on the top right. The section also includes statistics, where you can see the number of messages you sent, the ones delivered, and the ones read by users


Messages also mean data. Data that can be used to better understand your customers and offer better services, growing your business along the way. To this end, WhatsApp Business offers messaging statistics, a feature that provides business owners with simple metrics about the number of messages that were sent, delivered and read so that they can tweak the content of quick replies or their strategy of contacting their customers.

Messaging Tools

Another interesting and very helpful tool for WhatsApp business is the messaging tools. It can be accessed from business settings, there are three options of messaging Tools – away message, greeting message and quick replies.

To start the business page setting, click on the menu button (icon 3) at the top > then click Settings > then click Business Settings > and then continue to the “Messaging Tools” section. Where you can edit these messages.

Features of whatsapp business app - messaging tools
  • Away Messages –

    The 1st option is Away message can come when customers contact you outside of business hours (which can be defined in settings). You can also set an away message to always send when customers ping you on WhatsApp.
  • Greeting Messages –

    The 2nd option is the customized ‘greeting message’ which can be used to welcome the customers the very first time they contact you, or when there are 14 days of inactivity between you and the contact.
  • Quick Replies –

    The 3rd feature is ‘quick replies’ that could make it easier for you to communicate with the customers. For instance, I can define ‘shopping’ as a quick reply, to type out “I’ll check the same and get back to you with all the shopping details”.

So, the WhatsApp Business app looks quite interesting and could be very useful for such users who have a small or medium business and have to contact their customers very frequently.

Download WhatsApp Business for free from Play Store now.