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Now a days, lots of Ready to Use or easily customized tools and solutions available for accounting and billing. It may be either generic or targeting any specific industries.If consider aeronautical billing and streamlined accounting for various airspace & safety charges, there are many solutions found online.

That’s why either it would be advisable to develop solutions which satisfy your custom needs as per your organization and work tactics. Or take a close look of each and every aspects of the application and justify how it will add extra values in to your organization and team.Here are some points you must consider from higher level in terms of usability and scalability.

1) Timeline-like view of recent transactions activities

All the users registered under the system, should able to get real time activity notifications related to them. Its save lots of time to decide and schedule next consequent action.Higher authority also get notified by it on day to day activities within organization. Ideally last 30 Days of activities should be visible at-least. It should also have necessary filter options.

2) Summary of business indicators on the dashboards

Last 365 Days performance in terms of Income, Payment and Ageing Analysis should be there on the dashboards. It should guide towards detailed reports by just one click.

3) Graphical view of cash flow and business performance

Graphical view of statistics always been more effective with the help of Pie Chart or Bar Chart. Here you can merge more than one charts as well. Invoice generation and payment received ratio effectively represent here with Line Chart and with necessary filter options for duration.

4) With permission levels, control what the users can see and do

Within the CAA or Airport authority kind of organization, lots of user have their specific roles. Everyone should access necessary resources and data to perform his tasks efficiently. As a result there should be Group or Role management become necessary on the top of users. then after we assign necessary CRUD Permissions to manage resource(module) on the specific group or role.