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Are you certain you are billing for all flights in your airspace? Are too many air operators rejecting your invoices because of inaccuracies caused by manual data gathering processes? And what if you could free yourself from the hassle of pursuing operators for payments?

As a part of any air navigation service providers, airline operator or airport authority, kindly ask above question to your own.

Here I know aeronautical or air navigation billing has various kind of charges. For e.g. Air navigation charges for landing and en-route flight movements, airport passenger service charges, passenger safety charges, cargo safety charges, safety scheme of charges and many more related to airport authorities. Majority of authorities process monthly invoice batch processing for above charges with even one month additional credit towards operators.

Manual process of data capturing, calculating, invoicing for above charges need heavy main power and validation and verification process even become complex and time consuming which lead to inaccuracies in data and revenue.

What to do for overcome

Amar InfoTech may be the one service you need to manage your aeronautical billing & invoicing. Amar InfoTech is a fully automated and comprehensive data capturing, invoicing and accounting service which eliminates inaccuracies, errors and delays. It gives you better revenue management with less manual processing.


The Amar InfoTech system is the culmination of many years of development and collaboration with ANSPs, and fully understanding the technical and financial constraints to automates data processing, helping ANSPs overcome strenuous manual processes which are prone to mistakes and makes financial operations more accurate and effective. The result is a secure Web cloud based system that is cost-effective, highly scalable, requiring no heavy IT implementation on systems and zero down time with nearly 100% collection.

Amar InfoTech also makes the process of invoicing and collection easier, ensuring the bills are 100% electronic and fully compliant with the Euro control Central Route Charges Office (CRCO) and IATA collection service, which are easier for the air operators to validate and pay.

Operators can sign up for the download Invoicing with the validation data , make it time saving for all. Real time email and dashboards notifications on every actions make it easy to track and priorities.

By implementing Amar InfoTech, all types of reports like Audit Trail, airspace usage, traffic volumes, economic values and more are always available and can be viewed as tables or graphs and also can be downloaded in Excel, HTML, CSV or PDF.