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Offering complete solution for individual Merchants & Travel Agencies

There is nothing to read between the lines. Yes, the site will offer comprehensive information on expedia affiliated Hotel API, Air APIs and car rental APIs integration Solutions, all under one roof. Rest assured, the website is a one-stop-shop for all your travelling requirements.

EAN provides robust, flexible & feature rich platform of XML APIs for end-to-end website creation & create your unique identity on web. Amar Infotech has emerged as a trustworthy EAN APIs integration solution provider worldwide. We can make ready your site with unique templates within couple of days backed by a handy experienced team of designers and developers.

    Expedia Affiliate Network’s USP

  • Room deals with over 144,000 hotels worldwide, bolstered with rich content, reviews & ratings

  • Hotels all located in premium area and all are highly rated

  • Daily deals and packages

Top-notch Technology and APIs by EAN

After spending more than a decade on crafting the best-of-the technology platform,  we really make it easy for the travelers to find and book the perfect hotel for each of their journey. And, rest assured we are doing that each day. For instance our plug & play template, Chameleon, makes it very easy to merchandise about unique locations or events. Plus our hotel APIs, Air APIs and Car APIs are industry’s most flexible.

    Special Highlights of Expedia Affiliated APIs

  • Private label platform

  • User-friendly template solution

  • Separate Admin access

  • Flexible platform

  • Easy to access tools

  • In sync with known browsers

  • Tailor-made solutions

  • Zero monthly rentals

  • SEO friendly

  • On-time delivery of applications

  • API comprising 35 languages and 20 currencies

  • Superior filters and sorting options to achieve rich user interface

More on Hotel APIs, AIR APIs and Car Rental APIs

Hotel APIs

A high-octane application that offers information for about 120,000 hotels located worldwide making it easy for travelers to search and book hotel rooms. The application in fact aids target/ filter search for relevant hotels. Not just that. Exhaustive details on each property is available via descriptions, virtual tours, photo galleries, etc.


The Air API offers information on both regular and Expedia flights. The user’s booking are submitted to the airlines via the EAN API system.  However, with airlines backing out on commissions on flights, currently only car rental and hotel bookings lead to commissions. Moreover, the Air API is specifically meant for US partners.

Car Rental APIs

The Car Rentals API is the best bet for car rental reservations. In fact you are free to call up as many rental options as you wish. You can even look for name of the car company, vehicle type, equipment options etc.  Again, so far Car Rentals API is meant for US partners only.

So what are you waiting for? Let us know your requirements right away, as we are all set to make it true for you.