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The latest Google Algorithm update is Panda 3.9.1 Update. It affects the English sites very hardly.

You must have noticed that there is some major decrease in your rankings? It is because of the Google Panda update refresh. Google has confirmed that there was a panda data refresh on this past Monday, August 20th, 2012. Moreover, they have said that 1% of search queries will be got effected from this update. There are many webmasters who are complaining about their website in Google product forums and Webmaster world forums.

Google has been trying to catch all the spam websites from search results and they have been launching Google Panda Updates and Google penguin update to give fresh results to readers.

Google want to penalize the link sellers and buyers also because these types of users are taking the advantage for the ranking and link exchange is very worst thing at this time.

Google will also sometimes remove the content entirely for court-ordered DMCA takedown requests. If a website receives a large number of DMCA requests, Google will only lower the ranking of the site and the site’s content in general. The only way to remove the content completely from Google’s index is for the copyright holder to issue their own DMCA takedown request.

The previous Panda update was version 3.9 on July 24th, so just about a month ago. Google’s Matt Cutts has warned than an upcoming Penguin update will be “jolting” and “jarring.” There’s no word on when that update will be coming. SEOs should expect to see another Panda update in a month or so.