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Google reduce the SERP results from 10 to 7…!

When I looked at the Amar InfoTech search on August 16, when we got our first report of the change happening, it was showing only 6 results. Now, there are 7, not counting the news listing. I don’t count that, because it’s not regular web search result but rather a news box inserted by Google Universal Search.

The Google will generate more revenue from Google ads on the SERP pages because it will give high bid value for come on first page.

Another theory is that Google wants to give more value and real estate to authority websites, as displaying only 7 links allows them to dominate the first page for some search queries. Here’s a quote from the SEL article:

Indeed, back in the middle of 2010, Google made it official that in some cases, sites might be able to dominate all the results then expanded this later that year.

Now, it feels like another expansion is happening. As said, that’s not directly connected with the shift from 10 to seven results. But it does mean that potentially that brand sites will have an even easier time than ever before to “push down” negative content.

Google recently covered that it’s been working on changes to both site links and site clustering (its term for how it groups pages from the same site). Both shifts covered may be connected to this. But we’re checking with Google to learn more.

It looks like Google is willing to experiment even with sacred elements of search, like displaying 10 results per page. The guys from Search Engine Land and SEOMoz started spotting last week some pages with only 7 results.

What does this mean to website owners and SEOs?

Well, it means that trying to compete for a page one listing for Brand like search phrases is now extremely difficult if not impossible (for all but the least competitive brand searches). If you were the type to be skeptical of a for profit corporation, one might be forgiven for thinking that Google had a profit motive for reducing the number of search results and making it near impossible to rank for branded,highly commercial terms…hmm, let me see, I can no longer rank organically for the term ‘adwords’, so now I am going to have to move to PAID search to get traffic ???

What do you think? 7 results instead of 10 – a continued journey to improve search results? Or a push for more revenue from Adwords?

As most SEOs know, even a first page #10 ranking far outstrips the traffic that results from a second page listing. As shown in this example I am searching Amar InfoTech and it shows the 7 results in SERP and these are reduce number of links shows.

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