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There are already many free and paid apps dedicated to healthcare, well-being, and fitness. The only issue is that they still don’t cover all of the topics that audiences are interested in. That’s why many healthcare apps still can be created. Hence, here are healthcare app ideas that need to be invented in 2022.

Doppler Ultrasound

The Doppler technique in healthcare is a great starting point to better understand why people want from healthcare apps. Doppler ultrasound is a noninvasive test used to estimate the blood flow through the blood vessels. It uses high-frequency sound waves or ultrasound bouncing them off the circulating red blood cells. In comparison, regular ultrasound uses sound waves and produces images, but it can’t analyze blood flow.

Doppler ultrasound is used to help diagnose many conditions including blood clots, a blocked artery (arterial occlusion), bulging arteries (aneurysms), heart valve defects, congenital heart disease, decreased blood circulation in legs (peripheral artery disease), narrowing of an artery (carotid artery stenosis), and poorly functioning valves in leg veins which can cause venous insufficiency.

Naturally, the Doppler technique is becoming more and more popular. What’s great about it is that it can be performed even with simple devices which is why there are multiple apps that specifically let users run the Doppler ultrasound and see if there are any issues.

Popular Topics of Healthcare Apps

To better understand what audiences are actually interested in when it comes to healthcare apps, it’s worth looking at the most popular topics that these apps specialize on :

  • Sports and Fitness Activity Tracking :These are apps that help users track what kind of exercise or physical activity they perform during the day and then view their performance as weeks, months, or even years.
  • Diet and Nutrition :These apps allow users to track their diet and nutrition including separate foods and entire meals down to calories and nutritional value.
  • Weight Loss Coaching :These are apps that educate users about how they can lose weight based on their current physical measurements, activity level, diet, etc.
  • Pharmacy :These apps can vary in purpose but usually either educate users about drugs and medicine or allow users to purchase them locally or online.
  • Sleep Cycle Analysis :These are apps that analyze users’ sleep patterns and help them find a better way to get healthy sleep.
  • Stress Reduction and Relaxation :These apps use various methods such as meditation and mindfulness training to reduce stress in users and help them relax.
  • Meditation :These are a type of stress reduction and relaxation apps that specialize specifically in meditation.
  • Medical Advice and Patient Community :These apps help users connect with the patient community to get medical advice and possibly get advice from doctors as well.
  • Menstrual Period Tracking :These are apps helping young girls and women to track their menstrual period cycles.
  • Hospital Selection and Appointment Management :These apps allow users to view information about hospitals and manage their appointments.

Important Features of Healthcare Apps

Just like knowing which healthcare topics are popular among apps, it’s worth understanding which are the most important features they have to offer:

  • Video Conferencing Features with Telemedicine :These features allow patients to get in touch with doctors remotely via virtual meetings instead of having to travel all the way to the hospital.
  • Booking and Scheduling Appointments with Doctors :These features help users better manage their appointments by getting reminders and storing all the relevant information about these appointments in one place.
  • In-App Chat :Just like the previous feature, this one helps patients get in touch with doctors easier, but it can also let patients connect with the patient community.
  • Patient’s Data Management & Tracking :These features let patients track their personal medical data and allow doctors easier access to it.
  • Custom Notifications :This feature lets users customize the notifications they get.
  • ePrescription :This feature allows users to get prescriptions from doctors directly through the app instead of getting them in-person.
  • Mobile Payment & Billing :These features let users make payments for appointments and medicine purchases online.
  • Customer Support :This feature helps users get support instantly if something goes wrong with the app.

Current Best Healthcare Apps

Now that you know which app topics and features are popular, it’s best to look at healthcare apps that got good reviews and are considered to be some of the best of their kind:

  • Cure.Fit :This app helps users eat healthy food and stay fit, get access to workouts, be trained in dance fitness and yoga, and learn meditation.
  • Home Workout – No Equipment :As the name suggests, this app is dedicated to providing users with workouts that can be performed at home with absolutely no equipment.
  • Daily Yoga :This fitness yoga and meditation app is perfect for anyone only getting started just as much as those who are already advanced practitioners of yoga and meditation.
  • MyFitnessPal :The app is a calorie counter which lets users track their caloric intake and nutritional value of the foods they eat by choosing from the ones in the app or inputting data manually.
  • Practo :This health app has a multitude of features including the ability to book appointments and lab tests, consult doctors online, get prescriptions, order medicine, set reminders, store health records, and read health tips.
  • 1mg :This app focuses on getting medicine letting users save on medical bills, order medicines, get doctor advice, and book lab tests.
  • Headspace :The app provides users with features focused on guided meditation, mindfulness, and sleep.
  • Sleep Cycle :As the name suggests, this app lets users track and monitor their sleep as well as set alarms.
  • Elevate :The app helps users train and build their analytical and communication skills.
Current Best Healthcare Apps

Healthcare Monitoring App

First and foremost, creating a healthcare monitoring app could be incredibly useful. The ones already available on the market often lack certain features or don’t even get good ratings because of the numerous bugs and issues. Look at the apps of this type currently available to users, analyze which features they have and which they don’t, and make your own app that will include both the features other apps have and the ones they don’t.

General Health and Wellness Test App

Like health monitoring, general health and wellness is an in-demand topic for healthcare apps. And just like healthcare monitoring apps, many general health and wellness apps often don’t have all the features that audiences are interested in. For instance, not many such apps allow users to run different health tests which is what you can incorporate in your own app making it more competitive on the market.

Sleep App

Sleep apps are quite popular among all ages just because so many people struggle with stress which leads to insomnia. But most sleep apps just let users track their sleep rather than teaching them how to improve it. Adding some features that will educate users about how to get more sleep will help you reach a much wider audience and get better ratings. Sleep is an essential human need, so such an app will always be in-demand.

Personal Medical Records App

Keeping track of personal medical records can be hard when most doctors aren’t writers from top writing services and just keep messing up words with their unintelligible handwriting. That’s exactly why so many have gone digital which is why apps for keeping personal medical records have become so popular. An interesting feature that’s been missing from them, however, is the ability to scan and convert written text to digital.

Appointment Booking App

Some big clinics, hospitals, and private health institutions might have their own appointment booking apps, but the apps that allow users to track all their appointments usually require information to be entered manually. If there was an app that allowed users to get appointments directly from different hospitals, it would probably be quite popular, so consider creating one of this kind.

Online Therapy App

Most of the time, when it comes to online therapy, websites are the ones offering it rather than specialized apps. But many people using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets often prefer apps over websites. Luckily, there are not that many online therapy apps currently on the market, so creating one with many useful features could be quite profitable if done right.

Recovery App for Addiction

Last but not least, recovery apps for addiction could be a good direction to take. The topic is definitely not very easy to talk about which is why there are not many apps dedicated to it and instead, patients are encouraged to attend special support groups and so on. But creating a recovery app for addiction would not only be something users would love but also something that will be tremendously helpful to those who can’t afford paid services.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, there are still many healthcare apps that can still be created and get a lot of attention from regular users and fans alike. Use the ideas from this article to create your own healthcare or wellness app.