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What is Web Bluetooth?

Web Bluetooth is a new Bluetooth standard on the rise, it permits your browser to command your nearby Bluetooth gadgets. Web Bluetooth API integration provided to allow connection with gadgets from the web. Open a web browser, pair with a nearby bluetooth device, and manage it remotely. You don’t need to be online to connect to a local device. Broadly speaking most of us believes of Bluetooth as a simple, device to device interactions used to do things like play music, provide rapid notification access, or perform other tasks.

Before we begin this article believes you have some primary knowledge of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and the Generic Attribute Profile (GATT).

What Would you use Web Bluetooth for,

How about light bulbs that adjust color according to the weather, all connected to your web Bluetooth api? Or a website for a new movie that gives an mesmeric experience by linking to things like speakers in your house? Those are both smart idea.

To work with Web Bluetooth, your website must be served over a secure connection (HTTPS). A secure website is becoming a requirement for a growing number of new web APIs. One way (which I use here) is using GitHub hosting. This edition of the Web Bluetooth API specification permits websites, running in the main role, to link to remote GATT Servers across a BLE connection. It assists communication among devices that Bluetooth 4.0 or later. Web bluetooth demo gives you complete information about how chrome web Bluetooth api works, see more.

Essentially, Web Bluetooth lets you control any Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) gadgets directly using Web Bluetooth Android Apps and web bluetooth ios Apps. Now it’s possible to combine Angular to Web Bluetooth and React to Web Bluetooth. Nowadays different Web Bluetooth Beacons projects like Health monitoring and Environment sensing using Angular Web Bluetooth Libraries can be monitor by Web Bluetooth.

Web Bluetooth API Integration

The Web Bluetooth API Provides unique way for websites security and privacy focuses on reducing the device attack surface exposed to malicious websites, possibly by detaching access to some known Bluetooth features that are hard to develop secure. Moreover, the API holds the approach of a user interface to select and proceed access to devices as opposed to using certification and installation with devices through Web Bluetooth Mozilla and Web Bluetooth Chrome browsers. The Web Bluetooth API depend mostly on JavaScript Promises. If you’re not familiar with them, check out this great Promises tutorial.

Web Bluetooth for Real Time Health Monitoring

Many states in the USA already facilitate patients directly connects with doctors over the internet with just a webcam, but what if the website could also notice your heart rate via a Bluetooth HR strap and blood pressure with a Bluetooth monitor? Or a Bluetooth thermometer could automatically dispatch your temperature information to the doctor in real time? This, of course, reality you can actually do this things with the help of Web Bluetooth and IOT .these kind of tools could really improve people’s quality of life. Connect with the best doctors in the country is possible and a few clicks away. That’s exciting—the Web Bluetooth is a game changer for healthcare and no longer being limited to where you live.

Web Bluetooth for Real Time Health Monitoring

Web Bluetooth to Access IoT Devices through Chrome

Web Bluetooth, is already a part of the Chrome browser. It’s designed to fit into the Internet of Things(IoT), and will make it easy for web designers to interact with users’ peripherals in their homes—should the user allow them to, of course. Web Bluetooth allows web applications to connect directly with IoT devices using Bluetooth Low Energy. Since Bluetooth mesh supports Bluetooth devices communicating securely with the nodes in a mesh network, Web Bluetooth could be used to create monitoring and control applications for Bluetooth mesh networks as well. When creating new IoT systems, the requirements and policies of the enterprise IT department can thus be met, without straying from the cloud computing architectural principles which govern most of the other IT systems in use and therefore without eroding the business benefits that cloud computing delivers.

Web Bluetooth is already a part of Chrome on Android (6.0+), Mac, and Chrome OS, and the development community has been working with the APIs for nearly a year now. It’s still not quite ready for day to day use, but it’s getting closer.