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Yearly dozens of mobile and web app development discussion conferences are held throughout the world. The digital media firms and businesses are convinced to use the power of the web and mobile to get more and more customers. There is no doubt how the web and mobile applications influence the customer’s interests and behavior. It helps in increasing the return on investment and the sales of the business company. The evidence shows that branding agency UAE is convinced with the excellent results web and mobile development helps them achieve in promoting a business firm.

These two platforms are two main digital platforms that help raise potential reach. To achieve success, you need to incorporate the following trends to bring innovative changes in the mobile app development:

1) Introduce progressive web applications at a larger scale

Introduce progressive web applications

It is stated in a study that 89% of the total mobile media time of the users is spent on surfing the mobile apps. The mobile apps are favored more by the user which is why the trend of progressive web apps that first emerged in the year 2015 is now viral more than ever before. People are looking forward to enjoying the same web experience as they enjoy the mobile apps. Thus, by developing progressive web apps you can enhance the productivity of your business.

These web apps offer amazing user experience and work offline through the stored cache. Whenever the device is turned on and connected to the internet, the latest data is cached. The success through this change is experienced by Flipkart and AliEx press e-store. They were able to increase conversions by 70% and 104% respectively. Also, The Washington Post website was able to improve its user engagement by five times through this latest trend.

2) Enhanced user interface and experience for web and mobile

Enhanced user interface

A user stays on the mobile app screen or the desktop only if he finds it easy to work on it. Whether it is an entertainment app, a shopping app or any other service providing web/ mobile app, a user looks forward to fluent user experience, nice navigations and easy to use interface. But we all know that, right? How can we bring innovation to this idea? Here is how:

Among the latest trends of web development is the introduction of motion UI for web users. This demands to design the web desktop page similar to the mobile app page. Why is that so? It’s because such pages add life to the overall business idea and direct the viewers to the desired area easily. Elevating the functionality of the website will help you enhance its development. The motions that you can use include page header transitioning, easing in, cloning, parallax effect, parenting, adding animated charts, obscuration, and background animations. The Web Design Company Dubai is soon to implement this trend for better business performance.

3) Enhance navigation of the mobile website and app

Enhance navigation

Steven Hoober says that 49% of all the smartphone users work with one hand and not with two. Imagine yourself using the phone, how do you operate it? Do you favor using your single hand to hold and navigate the website or do you use both hands to operate the website? Which one is cooler? Most of the people go with the former one! Thus, what you can do to bring excellence to your web and mobile development is that you improve the navigation of the website and make it accessible to surf through it. Study the movement of the thumb on the screen and see how you can improve it.

4) Artificial intelligence is viral. Don’t ignore it!

Artificial intelligence

There is a dire need to bring artificial intelligence into our daily web and mobile development. Even Google is undergoing a shift to the AI-first world. There are different easy ways through which you can bring innovation using AI. Some of them are as follows:

  • Introduce the automated software agents- the chatbots to your website and the mobile apps. They interact with the viewers in their native language and offer great customer care service.

  • With the help of machine learning, the web applications are able to observe the user’s preferences, habits, and idiosyncrasies. This helps the web to adapt the pattern over time and enhance the user’s experience.

  • It is used to enhance the seamless voice conversations that are held between users and the website.

5) Look into accelerated mobile pages – AMP

accelerated mobile pages

At number five, we have the recent Google supported AMPs. The accelerated mobile pages offer such ease that allows you to control them rather than being controlled by them. This is what every user looks forward to! Google now allows quick loading of the pages on the mobile devices.

The accelerated mobile pages are built upon AMP JS, cache and HTML. By adding this feature to your development process you’ll be able to increase the traffic, CTR, and mobile search index. Also, this change helps improve the page ranking and is really good for the search engine optimization.

The web and mobile development are in the limelight in the present era. You need to stay alert and responsive to the integration of the latest trends and techniques. These five ways to enhance the excellence of your web and mobile platforms are just a simple preview of what’s ahead!

Author:- Junaid Ali Qureshi

He is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Elephantation, eLabelz, Smart, Progos Tech and eCig.