Medical diagnosis is an essential part of the medical treatment as it is focused on diagnosis of disorder or diseases. Diagnosis does involve tests related to pathology and radiology for finding out the root cause of any diseases. The diagnostic industry of India is mega-industry, which comprises equipment’s manufacturing units and pathological labs. The total value of the industry must be somewhere around Rs 20 crore, which is expected to increase on the higher side.

Web apps and mobile apps are majorly designed for assisting laboratories personnel could help in achieving better results accurately and faster. There are numerous apps which do handle simple things such as selecting the container for an experiment or supporting the analysis for complex terminology guides which could enhance the productivity and efficiency in medical labs.

What are on-Demand Medical Test App’s?

A pathology lab test booking app is a tool that allows individuals to schedule and book appointments for pathology laboratory tests from their smartphones or other devices. The app typically allows users to search for nearby pathology labs, view the available testing options and services, and select a specific test or package of tests to schedule an appointment for. Some apps may also provide information about the purpose and potential results of different tests, as well as any preparation instructions or other details that may be relevant.

In order to use a pathology lab test booking app, individuals may need to create an account and provide personal and contact information, as well as payment details for any fees associated with the tests. Once an appointment has been scheduled, users may receive confirmation and reminder notifications, as well as any instructions for preparing for the test. After the test has been completed, the results may be available through the app, either by logging in to the account or by receiving a notification.

Overall, a pathology lab test booking app can provide a convenient and efficient way for individuals to access necessary medical testing, allowing them to schedule appointments and view results without the need to visit a healthcare provider in person or spend time on the phone coordinating with a laboratory.

How to generate gains/ profit from on-demand medical Test apps?

  • Charging fees for tests : The app can charge fees for the medical tests that are ordered through the app. These fees can be paid by the individual ordering the test or by their insurance provider.

  • Charging a subscription fee : The app can offer a subscription service, where users pay a monthly or annual fee to access the testing services.

  • Advertising : The app can display ads from third-party companies, which can generate revenue through ad impressions or clicks.

  • Partnerships and referral fees : The app can partner with healthcare providers or other organisations to refer users to their services, and receive a referral fee in return.

  • Selling data : The app can collect and analyse data on user behaviour, test results, and other information, and sell this data to interested parties, such as pharmaceutical companies or research organisations.

  • Offering additional services : The app can expand its offerings to include other services, such as telemedicine consultations or prescription delivery, and charge fees for these services.

What is the working model for the on-demand medical app?

The working model for an on-demand medical app typically involves a few key steps:

  • Users download and install the app on their smartphones or other devices.
  • Users create an account and provide personal and contact information, as well as payment details for any fees associated with the tests.
  • Users browse the available testing options and services and select the specific test or tests they want to schedule.
  • Users choose a nearby pathology lab and schedule an appointment for the test.
  • The app sends a confirmation and reminder notification to the user, as well as any instructions for preparing for the test.
  • The user attends the appointment at the pathology lab and has the test performed.
  • The app receives the test results and makes them available to the user, either through the app or by notification.
  • The app charges any applicable fees for the tests to the user or their insurance provider.

Key features for On-demand Medical Test Apps and On-demand pathology lab test app are :

Key features for On-demand Medical Test Apps and On-demand pathology lab test app

Generally, the on-demand Medical Test apps consists of three panels :


  • Patients could easily hire anyone from the pathological centre for conducting medical tests like urine, blood, stool and also can conduct examination of physical body parts such as nose, eyes, ears and throat. Option of signing in and signing-up via social media accounts.
  • Patient needs to allow the access of their location
  • With the help of filters, you can check on the specific centre of pathology.
  • Doctor’s reports could be uploaded.
  • They can book their appointments and time as per their convenience.
  • Patients could download medical test reports.
  • Feedback and ratings could also be given.

Pathological Centre

  • They could simply sign-in and sign-out
  • Need to verify their industries.
  • List down their services with location and cost
  • Patient reports details could be maintained easily
  • Navigation of their patient’s locations
  • Withdrawal module of payment
  • Send and inform patients reports.

Administrator Panel

  • Current activities to be tracked
  • Maintaining profile and patient activities
  • Verifying and maintaining the pathological profile of centre
  • Manage subscription and premium features
  • Manage the payments.
  • FAQ for patients
  • Analytics and report generation

How to monetize apps?

When the health app is monetized, it means that there are lots of business opportunities in the range. The majority of the apps for medical on Google are free to download and install. Whereas if we talk about monetization, they have been done in many ways :

  • Referral Marketing
  • Subscription model
  • Advertising and sponsoring for other medical services
  • In-app pharmacy/ medicine sales

Communication Technologies which could be used for Medical Test Apps?

Communication Technologies which could be used for Medical Test Apps
  • Mobile app : The app can be developed as a mobile application that can be downloaded and installed on smartphones or other devices.

  • Cloud computing : he app can utilize cloud computing infrastructure to store and process data, allowing for scalability and flexibility.

  • API (Application Programming Interface) : The app can use APIs to communicate with other systems or databases, such as those of pathology labs or insurance providers.

  • SMS (Short Message Service) : The app can use SMS or text messaging to send notifications and alerts to users, such as appointment reminders or test results.

  • Email : The app can use email to send notifications and alerts to users, as well as to communicate with healthcare providers or other stakeholders.

  • Video conferencing : The app can use video conferencing technology to facilitate telemedicine consultations or other remote interactions with healthcare professionals.

How much does it cost to develop a laboratory test app?

The cost of developing a laboratory test app can vary significantly depending on a number of factors, including the complexity of the app, the features and functionality that are included, the platform(s) it is developed for, and the development team or agency that is hired to build it.

In general, the cost of developing a laboratory test app can range from a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars or more. Some of the key factors that can influence the cost of development include.

  • Design and user experience : The cost of designing and developing the user interface and user experience of the app can vary depending on the complexity of the design and the number of screens and features that are included.

  • Features and functionality : The cost of implementing different features and functionality will depend on the complexity of the feature and the time and effort required to develop it.

  • Platforms : The cost of developing an app for multiple platforms (such as iOS and Android) will be higher than developing for a single platform.

  • Development team or agency : The cost of the development team or agency hired to build the app will depend on their location, expertise, and experience, as well as the specific terms of the engagement.

  • It’s important to note that the cost of developing a laboratory test app will also be influenced by ongoing costs, such as hosting, maintenance, and updates. These costs can vary depending on the specific needs of the app and the resources required to support it.

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Wrapping Up

Mobile technology has twined the ways through each and every aspect of the human lives in a densely woven means. It has made a profound impact on the lifestyle, healthcare is the most deserving area where technology focus was required. As mobile applications have been a blessing on the screens. Pathology has been an indispensable part of the medical sciences. When we make it more accessible and mainstreaming among the general population could serve lots of people and save lives.