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Medical diagnosis is an essential part of the medical treatment as it is focused on diagnosis of disorder or diseases. Diagnosis does involve tests related to pathology and radiology for finding out the root cause of any diseases. The diagnostic industry of India is mega-industry, which comprises equipment’s manufacturing units and pathological labs. The total value of the industry must be somewhere around Rs 20 crore, which is expected to increase on the higher side.

Web apps and mobile apps are majorly designed for assisting laboratories personnel could help in achieving better results accurately and faster. There are numerous apps which do handle simple things such as selecting the container for an experiment or supporting the analysis for complex terminology guides which could enhance the productivity and efficiency in medical labs.

What are on-Demand Medical Test App’s?

In the current world, Technology is playing a crucial part in providing support and convenience to the society for accessing numerous services via online mode. Among all the applications services, on-demands are on first priority and are generating lots of profits by providing the on-demand services for the destined users.

App stores and Google play stores are filled with various on-demand services such as on-demand laundry, on-demand food, on-demand hiring consultancy, and lot more. In the same way, we could go ahead with an On-Demand Medical Test App.

On-Demand Medical test app would be helping people in hiring someone from the pathological centre for going through the medical tests such as –Urine, blood, stool and also the physical examination of the body parts such as nose, eyes, ears and throat.

If required customers could easily go ahead with the bookings or seek an appointment from the centre of pathology for performing numerous tests which would help in quick recovery of the health.

Statistics on On-demand Medical Test App?

  • Majority of people are using smartphones, specifically if we talk about adults it’s around 75-80%.
  • Above 3,18,200 medical applications of medicine are available in the app stores.
  • Almost around 60% of people have downloaded medical related apps on their mobile phone.
  • More than around 80% of people are using smartphones in their work.
  • Globally, demand for health care and medical apps are growing at a rapid rate and are expected to rise by around $111 billion by 2025.

How to generate gains/ profit from on-demand medical Test apps?

Some of the numerous means through which you could generate an handsome revenue via the on-demand medical test app are as under :

  • One could allow the third party for marketing and displaying their ads via your platforms.
  • By offering a subscription or premium model for the on-demand medical test app which users would have to purchase and generating higher revenues.
  • By offering a wide range of features for the medical test providers.

What is the working model for the on-demand medical app?

Before proceeding with the launch of the on-demand medical app, you will have to understand the overall work –flow for the medical test app. The flow is depicted as below :

  • In the on-demand medical test app, the services of medical test providers or pathological centres such as CT scan, X-ray, sonography, MRI and some other small tests could be managed at their account.
  • List down the services along with the cost.
  • Patients could set up their account and maintain it.
  • With the help of various filters can track down the nearest path labs for their services.
  • Patients could either seek appointments or book their services as per requirement.
  • For better understanding patients could upload their reports.
  • Patients could use different payments mode and do the payments.

Key features for On-demand Medical Test Apps and On-demand pathology lab test app are :

Key features for On-demand Medical Test Apps and On-demand pathology lab test app

Generally, the on-demand Medical Test apps consists of three panels :


  • Patients could easily hire anyone from the pathological centre for conducting medical tests like urine, blood, stool and also can conduct examination of physical body parts such as nose, eyes, ears and throat. Option of signing in and signing-up via social media accounts.
  • Patient needs to allow the access of their location
  • With the help of filters, you can check on the specific centre of pathology.
  • Doctor’s reports could be uploaded.
  • They can book their appointments and time as per their convenience.
  • Patients could download medical test reports.
  • Feedback and ratings could also be given.

Pathological Centre

  • They could simply sign-in and sign-out
  • Need to verify their industries.
  • List down their services with location and cost
  • Patient reports details could be maintained easily
  • Navigation of their patient’s locations
  • Withdrawal module of payment
  • Send and inform patients reports.

Administrator Panel

  • Current activities to be tracked
  • Maintaining profile and patient activities
  • Verifying and maintaining the pathological profile of centre
  • Manage subscription and premium features
  • Manage the payments.
  • FAQ for patients
  • Analytics and report generation

How to monetize apps?

When the health app is monetized, it means that there are lots of business opportunities in the range. The majority of the apps for medical on Google are free to download and install. Whereas if we talk about monetization, they have been done in many ways :

  • Referral Marketing
  • Subscription model
  • Advertising and sponsoring for other medical services
  • In-app pharmacy/ medicine sales

Communication Technologies which could be used for Medical Test Apps?

Communication Technologies which could be used for Medical Test Apps

Bluetooth LE

It is the potential short range wireless technology which enables transmission of data between two connected devices within the range of 10m.pulse oximeter, asthma inhalers, blood glucose monitors and other wearable medical devices have inbuilt Bluetooth technology. It helps in diagnosing injuries, control medication and transmit crucial data securely from providers to patients.


Widely used technologies for medical applications for communicating with databases in the real time. A medical device is connected with a medical test app via Bluetooth or some other short range technology which can send/receive data via WiFi server.


It is referred to as a global positioning system which is used for tracking the location and evaluating the speed. It is playing a crucial part in fitness apps.

Virtual Laboratory Application Development for Mobile

The virtual laboratory app development for mobile is done for those who are on the go. It has clarity on design and intelligent features which allows smooth navigation and easy customization. So that you have all the tools while you are working and have the option of exploring things in a suitable manner. You can create your virtual lab and access a new level of convenience in today’s world. Some of the features at a glance for Virtual Laboratory Application development for Mobile app

  • Navigational structure based on methods and applications
  • Searching for tools quite easily and quickly of the solutions and product.
  • Concise description of product presentation through images, videos, galleries and brochures.
  • Description of latest products features
  • Favourites lists with email function for sharing information.

Clinical Laboratory diagnostics app

In the past 38years around 8 editions of clinical laboratory diagnostics have been published for references. It was drafted by physicians for laboratories, clinical chemists, physicians, microbiologists for the purpose of blood banking and by clinicians who are quite active in special subjects regarding medicine of laboratories. Clinical laboratory diagnostic app is a reference source for the indication of the clinical laboratories tests, medical decision making and assessment of results.

Numerous laboratory diagnostics are available and its number is increasing at a rapid rate due to which the laboratory has to extend the knowledge status on a regular or continuous basis. For imparting knowledge in an easy and quick way the app was developed. It teaches the user the medical details directly and in a short span of time depending on the issues.

How much does it cost to develop a laboratory test app?

If you are willing to get a laboratory test app developed, then you should check out options for suitable laboratory test app development companies. There are few facts which determine the cost of the applications :

  • Design
  • Features
  • Complexity
  • Functionality based on levels
  • Technologies being used
  • Experience of developers.

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Wrapping Up

Mobile technology has twined the ways through each and every aspect of the human lives in a densely woven means. It has made a profound impact on the lifestyle, healthcare is the most deserving area where technology focus was required. As mobile applications have been a blessing on the screens. Pathology has been an indispensable part of the medical sciences. When we make it more accessible and mainstreaming among the general population could serve lots of people and save lives.