The future of mobile apps is bright. “Game Changers”: that’s how mobile app development services are within the past few years. it’s been continuously included in business domain processes no matter the business niche you present.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the mobile app development industry has gained momentum and this is often the foremost opportune time for developers to showcase their skills. With the rising mobile usage, there has been a continuing and ongoing development of the latest apps. Over time, people have come to expect innovative apps to enhance their lives and save time. Here are 20 popular mobile app development trends to seem for in 2021-2022

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is also called machine intelligence which performs human-like tasks. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the best foremost advanced technologies that are widely beings used across the industries. AI and machine learning have dug their heels deeper into mobile apps that we tend to might have realized. AI makes itself manifest in the form of chatbots.

The rising demand for machine learning and AI within the types of virtual assistants and chatbots is what we’re looking at, and that is what 2019 will bring for us. The artificial intelligence integration to the mobile apps not only makes the apps smarter but also saves a lot of money for the companies.

The powerful combination of AI with mobile applications is changing the face of technology and will take it to a whole new level in the coming future. The rapid enhancement in the use of AI technology in mobile app development has shown that this technology can be used as a panacea for business growth and user engagement.


Chatbots will play a vital role in mobile applications. With the help of the advancement in AI, it is now an easy job to integrate chatbots within apps without involving intricate coding. Nowadays your business is not without Bots. The chatbots are being appreciated by the users for their quick and precise answers whenever they needed.

Chatbots will now act as virtual assistants within mobile applications. Thanks to the advancement in AI, it is now an easy job to integrate chatbots within apps without involving intricate coding. A rather interesting infographic Digital Commerce suggests that as many as 50% of B2B consumers like self-service CRM. Chatbots is the new way to extend that kind of customer relationship management.

Moreover, the mobile apps with services like online shopping, food delivery, and cab services are working on to integrating the chatbots to their apps. It will help the consumers in getting their frequent queries resolved by the bots without calling customer support. In 2019, there will be deploy to serve many new features that will simplify people’s life by assisting them in their day to day tasks.

Wearable Devices

According to some reports from IDC, 79 million of wearable devices were shipped in 2015, which further got a great hike of 29 percent in 2016 and went up to 79 million units. Smart Wearables like the Apple Watch and Microsoft’s HoloLens shows an upcoming change in computing and the transition from basic to sensible Wearables. This makes these wearables one more way to improvise the human-machine relationship.

The smartphone can become the hub of a private area network consisting of wearable devices like on body healthcare sensor, smart Jewelry, smart watches, display devices(like google Glass) and a spread of Sensors embedded in garments and shoes.

These gadgets will communicate with mobile application to deliver information in new ways. And will alter a large range of product and services in areas like sport, fitness, fashion, hobbies and healthcare. Thus, wearable devices connected with smartphones can influence the future generation of mobile application development strategies.

Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR)

Augmented Reality and virtual Reality makes a huge impact on technologies, Not only in games but also has penetrated social media. And augmented reality app is a software application that integrates digital visual content into the user’s real-world environment. The popular social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram have been already using AR for quite sometimes.

The interesting sticker and animated additions to your post are only possible due to the AR technology. In 2019, AR integration will be more essential step for the mobile app development industry. At present, Millions of people are using these application. And definitely, these technologies are sure to boom within the near future.

Even the people who don’t know much regarding mobile application development trade are completely tuned in to Virtual reality(VR) and Augmented reality (AR). These technologies have become very advanced in the last few years, whose result can be seen as a great revolution in the gaming and entertainment industries.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Today IoT presented in wearable technology, Smart bulbs, Smart thermostats and so on. In the Future years, IoT technology are going to wide adopted for mobile app development. The Internet Of Things is simply “A network of Internet connected objects able to collect and exchange knowledge.”

IoT could be a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and therefore the ability to transfer data over a network while not requiring human to human and human to computer interaction. Consistent with some reports from Gartner, the amount of the connected devices will reach up to 26 billion by 2020 that will include hundreds of smart Objects like toys, LED light bulbs, sports equipment, domestic appliances, medical devices, and controllable power sockets etc.

IoT, the revolutionary technology is making lives easier by performing the everyday activities through devices over the internet. A research said that over consequent few years, more than 5 billion people are going to be using IoT technology.


M-Commerce helps to buy and sell goods and services through wireless miniature devices such as smartphones and tablets. Increasing the popularity of Apple pay and Google Wallet will facilitate purchase using the mobile phones instead of debit or credit cards. This will require developers to build a mobile application that can process a transaction without the need of physical debit/credit cards or cash. Coupled with wearables that can process payment M-Commerce will take a different shape.

Examples of m-commerce includes in-app purchasing, mobile banking, virtual marketplace app like the Amazon mobile app or a digital wallet such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. However, the tech giants like Samsung are working on an enhanced scan and pay technique to make the money transaction and bill payments more convenient. In addition to this, there will be more advanced mobile payments options for users in 2019.

M – Commerce can be simply defined as, Transactions that are made via mobile devices M-Commerce apps also provides an instant messaging solution, customer query clarification via text, images, Voice & Video calls, etc.

Mobile wallet Usage

Mobile wallet apps are smartphone apps where you can have your banking information stored for a convenient way to make online transaction with a tap on your phone. Frictionless payment ways are what customers demand from all the apps they use.

There has been a gradual however important modification within the ways that users prefer to shop. We’ve slowly moved from money to credit, debit, to mobile wallets, and digital currencies. Mobile Commerce has, thus, successfully, become a proffered shopping mode. So, for businesses, to be able to create a great app experience, integrating payment gateways as well as mobile wallets (like Amazone pay, Google Wallet, PayPal, etc.) that provide secure encryption will become staple in 2019.

Undoubtedly, there will be a huge demand for increasing the usage and development of mobile wallets.

Cloud-based Mobile Apps

Basically, cloud technology is employed to store huge amount of data across industries. Cloud computing is additional faster, Secure, Easy to deploy and also less expensive. This is one of the trends to ascertain a boom in 2019.

A mobile cloud computing can be a software system program that’s designed to be accessed over the internet by many types of movable computing devices. Native apps in mobile software development run on one specific mobile device or platform and are downloaded and installed on the mobile device.

Out of the various benefits, the technology shares a number of the mainstream techniques that include streamlined operations, reduction in hosting and equipment costs, enhancement in storage capability of apps, increased collaboration and productivity.

Cloud computing integration helps mobile apps to store a large amount of data efficiency and carry out complex tasks. Most of the mobile apps with a bigger database are using the AWS (Amazon Web Service) as their cloud computing backup. This also helps in increasing the reliability, speed, processing power and security of the apps and enables it to deal with a large amount of data.


The Blockchain could be the technology used to create new digital currencies like bitcoin or Ethereum and it’s the heart of cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology created the backbone of a replacement kind of internet technologies. It is a more secure way of sending data, as it doesn’t require any mediators.

The main significance of blockchain is the possibility to create a permanent record of anything that needs to be safeguarded or tracked. It is this act of linking blocks into a series that makes the data stored on a blockchain so trustworthy. Once the data is recorded in a block it cannot be altered without having to change every block that came after it, making it impossible to do so without it being seen by the other participants on the network.

Data tyrants are hell scared with the newest technology because it eliminates the scope of information of states. Talking about the apps, blockchain technology has already been used by many payment apps for providing trustable and uncompromised safety during the transaction.

Beacons Technology

The Beacons technology has been around for a few time now, and 2019 can create its presence stronger still. We’re likely to visualize it more than ever within the variety of beacon – enabled airports, mobile payments beacons, and even automated personal beacons. So, the trends are going to be to make more useful apps to work on beacons technology and make virtual guides and personalized information sharing smoother.

Most of the mobile phones of current era feature location device capabilities, that uses numerous strategies to show you the precise location data. Location primarily based features can even be seen Geotagging, Games, Vehicle navigation, and fitness apps.

Application for getting indoor location use measures such as Wi-Fi, imaging, ultrasonic beacons, and geomagnetic. Mobile application along with the combination of precise indoor location sensing can be very helpful in enabling a new generation of extremely personalized services and information.

5G Technology

We’re currently at the evolution period between 4G and 5G. And as 5G technology is becoming a true thing, it’s only natural that development companies will take the multi-GBs peak speed of 5G into consideration when developing apps—and this means that in only a couple of years from now, the customer experience is going to be drastically different than before.

All the standard hiccups caused by slow internet connection and latency are eliminated: videos will start to exchange images as a way to drive user engagement, VR/AR-based features are going to be more commonplace, and users will experience increased visual clarity because of the upper resolution textures made possible by high-speed connection.

2022 & Beyond…

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