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Angular is one of the most popular frameworks for user interface development. Take a look at the best Angular and AngularJS websites and choose it for your next project

The AngularJS websites are everywhere. Right from the time of its release in the year 2009 till date, it is a standout amongst the most prevalent frameworks around the web that you can enlist as a developer located in any part of the world.

AngularJS is a phenomenal front-end JavaScript is changing the way Web and Mobile apps are being built, as it is one of the most dominant technologies of the contemporary world. This framework influences the cross-platform Ionic platform and it has been used to build some of the most powerful web apps.

Sharing with you are some of the most famous web apps which were built with the help of AngularJs framework.



Online money transfers wouldn’t be so fast and simple without PayPal; PayPal looks great and works so well, thanks to Angular.

This website was created for an American company; PayPal Holdings, Inc. which is famous for an online payment system that transfers money worldwide. It is the best alternative for traditional paper methods.

PayPal – Why Angular?

Angular contributes to PayPal’s internal functionality and enables enormous integration opportunities.

  • On a website, you will notice a simple few-clicks authorization feature for both individual or business use built in Angular.
  • There is tons of information, tutorials, and tips regarding PayPal integrations with Angular websites.



Netflix is another great example of AngularJS based website which was built for entertainment company froman American service provider, which facilitates customers to watch online movies and daily soaps on different gadgets. Among the fundamental highlights, Netflix is the expansive database of serials and movies of whose legitimate contents available to view in ultra-high definition or 4K. The team at Netflix used AngularJS as the frontend tool and the backend needs were satisfied by technologies like Python and Flask.



Freelancer is the world’s largest online marketplace for hiring a freelancer. This website connects employers to freelancer.

Freelancer is one of the Angular apps. It is a service where employers from all over the world can find freelancing specialists for any job; at the same time, specialists from different countries can find part-time or full-time employment on a freelance basis. The service provides brilliant functionality, intuitive design, and data protection for both categories of users. Several years ago, the company reported 14 million user profiles in more than 180 countries.



Vevo is an American multinational video hosting service, best known for providing music videos to YouTube. The service is also available as an app on selected smart TVs, digital video recorders, digital media players and streaming television services.

Vevo is a music website that has about 12 billion views every month. This website hosts around 150 thousand music video clips and it is the best example of impressive work of Angular JS front end.

This is one of the biggest websites using AngularJS. In today’s world is second most visited weather forecast site in the world according to SimilarWeb. This website gives you weather updates from around the globe and gets updated regularly.

As the name suggests it is a weather forecasting firm that was acquired by IBM in 2015. This is indeed the best example of Angular websites and how this framework can be used as an excellent real-time web application with multiple geo-locations.

Mapping integration aligned with high-quality aerial videos are some of the extraordinary features provided by with the help of Angular framework.

The Guardian

The Guardian

This is the United Kingdom based daily newspaper which was founded in 1821. The Guardian is very popular among Britishers and due to their massive online presence, it has become a reliable and reputed source of information across the entire world.

Angular JS has played a significant role in making The Guardian, what it is today. The Guardian is a British news and media website owned by Guardian Media Group.

The Guardian news website is one of the best in industry that is developed in Angular JS. As they have to generate a tremendous amount of information on daily basis, there is substantial need to provide magnificent readability that is diligently offered by Angular and makes it a prime choice to go for.

Youtube for PS3

Youtube for PS3

Youtube is a big name in video hosting and video sharing. It is owned by Google and has more than one billion users, which is quite significant. Youtube is obviously available on almost all devices including PS3 which is console produced by Sony. This PS3 app was produced using AngularJS.

YouTube has become a synonym for Video Streaming and broadcasting. It is the most popular video sharing platform which is own by the google. In Fact, it is the heaviest traffic website in the world.


iStock is an online royalty free, international micro stock photography provider based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The firm offers millions of photos, illustrations, clip art, videos and audio tracks. Artists, designers and photographers worldwide contribute their work to iStock collections in return for royalties.

This website has a huge collection of images, videos, and illustrations. The home page of this website is the best example of a masterpiece by AngularJS.



Founded in 2012, Mallzee is a fashion mobile commerce company and shopping application. Its application allows online shoppers with a smartphone to access millions of products from over 100 fashion brands around the world.

Mallzee is a shopping application that brings a wide range of clothing on your fingertip.



Upwork does something similar work as Freelancer website that we discussed before. This is a platform where business and independent professionals connect and do business remotely.

It is a fusion of two marketplaces formerly known as Elance and Odesk which act as a platform for freelancers and businesses to connect in order to complete a project or job.

With more than 20 million users active on the platform, Upwork stands as a strong example of a thriving Angular website and the main reason to choose Angular was to provide a rich user-experience followed by high-web page performances.



Lego is a Denmark based company, which is popular in the world for making interlocking plastic toys. You can virtually explore this on

Whoever you are, whatever age you are, you know what Lego is. The Danish toy manufacturer has been around since 1932 when it was first started by Ole Kirk Kristiansen. From a carpenter’s workshop to the “toy of the century”, Lego sure has come a long way.

The official Lego homepage attracts an average of over 19 million visitors every month, ranking #1.732 worldwide. As you’ve already guessed, AngularJS is an important part of their long list of techs used for the main site.

Final thoughts

The Angular framework is a brilliant choice for programming solutions of different complexity. Whether you want to build a small messaging app, web store, eCommerce platform, or news app, it will serve you well with front-end development tasks.

Your Angular website will:

  • Handle high loads and demonstrate desired performance: As you can see from reviewing the Angular examples we’ve provided, all of them are visited by a great number of users monthly.
  • Be useful for SPA or PWA development: Follow the trends and produce the best Angular apps for your users.
  • Make the development process easier: Powerful community, detailed documentation, handy functionality, and myriads of third-party services for fast and simple development will help you to fuel your business with an easy-to-use, customer-oriented app.

This was the list of few sample work created by Angular JS, a list can go quite long if we pen down all the websites and apps. I hope you enjoyed reading. If you need any help with Angular JS development services, please feel free to contact Amar Infotech.