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It’s a question commonly asked in the validation arena, what is the difference between SAT and FAT. Here you will know exactly why each one is required.

Acceptance Testing is a level of the software testing where a system is tested for acceptability.

What is a SAT ?

Site Acceptance Test(SAT) is carried out at the site of a vendor or in-house at a specific stage prior to release of the software to the next phase of the life cycle.

Effective SAT is achieved by early preparation of a test plan and clear concise test goals.The client, or representatives of the client, should be present during this phase of testing. This will help to give the client confidence that the system is as they originally desired, and as such is “fit for purpose”. Invariably, faults found at this stage of testing are expensive to fix, although if the Risk-based testing has been performed successfully, then these faults will have been found early and thus expenses will be kept to a minimum.

What is a FAT ?

Factory Acceptance Test(FAT) is the process of in-house (or in-factory) testing that determines the product or part meets the stated specification.

FAT is commonly used to describe testing conducted on parts or components shipped in engineering industries, but can also be used when developers are testing software or software/hardware combinations prior to shipment to a customer or deployment on client server.