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Nowadays everybody question is why my page rank of website goes down? Because most of the people quiet unaware of this. You must remember in 2007  Google webmaster came to saying that “selling paid links may hurt your page rank”. For that reason Google has penalized so many websites.

Moreover we have seen links that labeled as sponsored that passed pageRank for example a link like[example link].From this it indicates that they are violating Google’s guidelines. By this everyone should keep in mind that page rank and trust of your website getting down.

Another example is the spam report passed on an email from a link seller who is offering for your websites  multiple pages based on their page rank. Some pages mentioned in that email address continue to have unnecessary links like [example url] has a section labeled “PARTNER LINKS” which links to [link buyer].

Better option is kindly stop to buy those paid links for your website and do the proper promotion of your site to get a good page rank. So first investigate whether anybody at the newspaper received money to paid links that pass page rank. Be alert for those things. Once the site removes the paid links or makes sure they do not pass any Page Rank, you should submit a “reconsideration request” to remove the manual penalty.