Fintech company CRED has open- sourced its 4th generation design system NeoPOP. The UI framework, named after the postmodern art movement of the 1980- 90s, was made with the goal to make “The coming generation of the coming beautiful, more affirmative, design system.”


  • 1) Topaz
  • The first generation of the CRED design system launched in 2018, Topaz is what powered the app during its launch. Grounded on the norms of position and reductionist moderation, simple typography constructed explicitly to point figures, and an in- context, high- performance payment system, Topaz proceeded to turn into the point of support of all future plan appearances of our payment frameworks.

  • 2) Fabrik
  • The second generation of the CRED design system launched in 2019, A bold and maverick design direction for CRED, Fabrik retained the crucial design principles that defined our design decisions while enhancing it with further developed, usable, and delightful design constructs. Fabrik was grounded on straightforward UI standards, yet it made a played down yet significantly recognizable design style. Fabrik made the application more straightforward to navigate, and simpler to explore while continuously delighting our individualities at each and every step. Visually, the application of skeuomorphic card designs, a advanced statements include, and generally significantly a first- of- its- kind rewards interface that included a stylish in class, high- dedication customized marketing.

  • 3) Copper
  • The Third generation of the CRED design system launched in 2020, With Copper, CRED shipped the first- ever, completely customizable, back- end driven, hyperactive- componentized design system and a brand new UI library “ Synth ” built on the principles of a bleeding- edge design trend neumorphism. This was the 1st time CRED moved down from a reductionist way to deal with a further actual representation driven UI. Something beyond the UI framework, what Copper fulfilled was that we effectively figured out how to make and transport a system that was extensible to the degree that many key items on the application could now be controlled fully by means of our incorporated substance, the board framework” heart beat”.

  • 4) NeoPOP – Future Best UI Framework
  • The Fourth generation of the CRED design system launched recently in 2022, NeoPOP, is inspired by the gospel and aesthetic principles of theNeo-pop movement- something that played a transformational role in the progress of art beyond the conventional milieu.

The company has now announced that this UI framework is now open source for developers and professionals to influence in their product design. further information about the CRED’s NeoPOP UI Framework can be set up then.

NeoPOP is a design language presented by CRED and this document is a fork of their new design framework. This file contains a color system, typography, grid, and a robust 300 element, variants all with element props.

CRED set an incredibly high bar for the stability and reliability of their creation, no matter how big or small. Building frameworks and systems that constitutionally help all to create fast and with confidence is central to their philosophy. NeoPOP is a complex, future mindful, backward compatible library that’s built to guarantee that each feature, every single piece of design can be made to look just like it did on a designer’s screen. NeoPOP makes CRED apps look great, and work great. It also makes it incredibly fast, effective, and easy to build on top of.

Behind every masterpiece there exists a framework. Here’s CRED new NeoPOP UI Framework and now it’s open- source because art belongs to everyone.

  • 1) Color
  • The vibrancy of NeoPOP demanded a framework where color could cross walls of screen and glass, to speak directly to the user.

  • 2) Typography
  • With scalability at its heart, our typography system brings thickness & cohesiveness to the many experiences within CRED.

  • 3) Layout
  • A consistent arrangement guides the user experience. to ensure uniformity of design, our factors are crafted to be reusable and easily pluggable.

Access The Neopop Library Here

  • 1) Advanced iOS App Design Architecture using NeoPOP Framework
  • Architecture of IOS is a layered architecture. At the highest position iOS works as an intermediary between the basic tackle and the applications you make. Applications do not conduct the basic hardware directly.

    Quick Link : Github Neopop- iOS Installation Guide

  • 2) Advance UI library for android app- NeoPOP Android UI Framework
  • One of the major reasons behind utilizing these libraries is to expedite and optimize the Android application development process, i.e., develop an amazing application without any unnecessary or fresh efforts. These new Android libraries for designers give them with fundamental pre-written codes and other significant elements that can be utilized incontinently rather than performing these tasks from scratch.

    Quick Link : Github Neopop- Android Design Libraries

  • 3) NeoPOP- CRED’s inbuilt library for Flutter Ui Framework
  • Now incross-platform app development Flutter is bringing a paradigm shift. One of the main reasons behind their popularity is their UI libraries. Yes, Flutter UI libraries render flexibility to the developers. The libraries allow them to develop further emphatic applications that are strong and procure rich outcomes at the market.

    Quick Link : NeoPOP Flutter Design Architecture Libraries

  • 4) Best front end UI framework Library- NeoPOP by Fintech company CRED
  • An introductory UI should not think twice about offering limited functionalities and operability or vice versa. Now that’s where the enterprises start arising. To remain competitive, business owners basically invest on resources with the right web application systems.

    Quick Link : NeoPOP Web Library Features