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Mobile market has been dominated with applications or Apps trending in recent times. For attracting customers every big and small businesses are going ahead with their new Innovative Mobile App Development. Mobile App helps to make users connect directly through the services with just a single click and owners of business could connect with users. Mobile app helps in providing services to customers in a short span of time. The world has taken technology at forefront and it’s changing with the lightning speed. As users are looking for simplicity, convenience and on-demand applications which are on hype.

With the Pandemic across the world, people do prefer to stay at home and order things online as much as possible just due to precaution. Taking your foot forward into the technology is the right step. Let’s check on the untapped app ideas and simple app ideas that make money for gaining opportunities across the globe.

Check out Why Mobile App Essential for Business?

Mobile apps have become one of the essential tools for businesses in 2021. There are countless reasons for the same.

  • Maximum Population using Mobile going Online
  • Global penetration reached till 50%
  • Time sharing of Mobile crossing 50%

App ideas for 2021

Start-ups come up with new ideas but thinking about innovative ideas with regards to mobile apps is a tedious task. For developing the mobile app there is lots of analysis involved and after doing so, some of the app ideas to solve problem are as under :

  • AR (Augmented Reality) for e-commerce Apps :With this unique idea of technology which flips environment across you and takes to the digital interface through simply combining virtual objects to reality of information and real-time environment. Suitable example for AR is the “Pokemon Go” game which was introduced in 2016. With help of AR technology can move ahead with app idea that can change the world. Ideal option for building ecommerce app based on AR will help users to virtually try anything like Jewellery to Makeup, Cloths, room décor etc.
  • AR (Augmented Reality) for e-commerce Apps
  • Laundry booking app :It could be a routine task as usually people prefer to wear clean clothes and for it laundry service preference would be beneficial. Suppose you plan to attend some party but your favourite clothes you planned for the day are not cleaned properly. Do you have any solutions for the same? For same a trending app ideas like Laundry booking would be appropriate as things would be just a click away. There could be options like in what time frame you wish to have the clothes at your doorstep?
  • Laundry booking app
  • AI- Based Chabot’s :You could improve your relations with customers by providing them with instant answers to difficult queries or questions. With enhanced competition across the market, users are open to lots of options to select from, so they would not prefer to wait for longer durations for your reply, while through your site or app. So in such scenarios AI-based Chatbots could be the right solution. You could also add Live chat support in your app. When you add the live chat option, there is no requirement of human intervention and it also doesn’t get exhausted at any point of time.
  • AI- Based Chabot’s
  • Telemedicine and Health care :Covid-19 crisis has opened ways for telehealth care options. Rapid growth of numerous cases threatens health care, for many countries are checking for app ideas that haven’t been made in 2020. IF you are suffering from a cold or cough, then you don’t have to visit the doctor or re-arrange your schedule. A Physician could exam through the medical images, interact with you via chat or video calls, check the symptoms remotely and provide prescriptions for you. It reduces the risk of the exposure for both patient and medical staff.
  • Telemedicine and Health care
  • IoT (Internet of things) :It’s turning into a multi-billion industry. Somewhere around 41 billion IoT instruments are projected to connect through networks by 2025. It could be used to develop monitoring systems for health care, smart solutions for security, Smart roads, Sensor systems which are wireless, Monitoring water quality etc. The reach or possibility for IoT is numerous and expanding day by day. So just check out how it could be used as an opportunity at your end.
  • IoT (Internet of things)
  • Give Away apps (Toys) :IT’s quite trendy that once you have kids each day you need to provide them with innovative and new toys. As they are inquisitive in learning and prefer to seek new toys each day. Due to which toys do take maximum space at your home. So one of the mobile applications ideas is to develop a platform where parents could sell the unused toys or exchange them through others. Exchanging could be a better idea, as kids would be happy to check on with new toys and would not get dis-heartened with losing the old toy. It could help parents worry about storing the toys and save money from buying toys.
  • Give Away apps (Toys)
  • My parking space :Cities are places which are attracting people. Developing or developed city is the space for high population density. Space is one of the biggest assets in the town. Parking your vehicle has always been one of the biggest concerns in cities, so an app for parking would be an innovative idea. It would like to have few prerequisites such as setting the parking space, congestion areas, checking on the peak hours etc. The app could leverage analysis of traffic and GPS data via Google and associate services to the point and could suggest appropriate parking lots.
  • My parking space
  • Homemade Remedy app – Medical :Previously every household used to have grannies and elderly people who could suggest homemade medical remedies. But now as you don’t find one, due to a small family, it’s time to miss your grannie’s valuable remedies. Your app should have the option to provide remedies based on cultural areas and geographical areas. It should suggest appropriate medication based on age, symptoms, locations etc. For urgency should have an option of “Call to the Doctor”.
  • Homemade Remedy app – Medical
  • Book Sharing applications :Are you checking for options with the education market? For book lovers, book sharing applications could be an exclusive one. One should keep in mind that not all lovers of books are wealthy enough to purchase books on a monthly basis. If mobile application ideas, innovative book sharing apps could make the day for lovers of books. Further the categories of book types could be displayed with chat options and arrange meetings for discussions.
  • Book Sharing applications
  • Tutoring applications :Unfortunately, the pandemic of Covid-19 has reshaped the entire system of education and shifted traditional schooling to online platforms. Due to which there are a wide range of students who have been left in requirement of tuitions of extra coaching for coping with their syllabus. After creating the applications, you could help out tracking best tutors for the locations, skills, experience, teaching specialities and hours as per cost. Suitable option would be to bring the teacher and student on the same platform and cut the cost of the middleman. You could earn via this app, through charging service fee through tutors or can ask for the tuition fees.
  • Tutoring applications
  • Own the farm :We are living in a world where the trend of organic has popped up. But there are numerous people who use organic with internal conflict. They are not sure how it is made up of? It would create a friendly partnership with the seeker of health and farmers. The reason why farmers have shifted to artificiality is due to difficulty in producing organically and high end cost incurred. The best solution is to allow the farmers and fund to meet at a single platform. The farmers would be listed based on the items they are cultivating. Once connected through the app would allow access to the farmer’s farm strategically through CCTV cameras.
  • Own the farm
  • Inspirational and motivational apps :One of the new ideas of creating inspirational and motivational apps for start-up. People with all age-groups do look out for innovative and inspirational ideas whether it’s based for beauty, party, styling and interiors. The app should be highly simple, engaging and interactive to understand the view point of users to provide them appropriate solutions.
  • Inspirational and motivational apps
  • Money investment ideas :When we talk about investment the first thing which comes to mind is Real Estate. But apart from that what’s else? Instead of going with advice with random people, it is worth sharing a reliable platform for investors where they could discover potential ideas of investment by directly consulting with expert market consultants.
  • Money investment ideas
  • Silencer app for Phone :It’s an application which will automatically set your mobile in silent mode as per the location you are at. For example, if you are in a meeting or at the office and forgot to shift to silence, the app would automatically set the phone to silent mode by checking the location.
  • Silencer app for Phone
  • Alert application and Security of Women :When we talk about women’s security it’s confined to live location and safe place. However, you could take the application to the next level by adding the enhanced features. In this you could add few features like:
    • Keep the power button pressed for 3 seconds to activate and alert the police control room for live location.
    • Storing the contact information of near and dear ones for staying protected and connected.
    • With help of different colours can share the danger levels of the area travelling. Green- when the user reaches the location safely. Yellow- when there is suspicion and Red- when their high security danger.
    • Further can also add features of noise recognition.
    • Alert application and Security of Women

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Above are the list of trending mobile application ideas during 2021. Company is the trusted name, with regards to development for aforementioned ideas of app. It’s an overall concept which could not be found anywhere across the web. Features of every mobile app would be unique and different. Above mentioned applications have not come to force till now and would be an added advantage for customers.