Are you looking for a solution to engage your business through firebase mobile application development Android or iOS? Firebase the latest platform provides scalable, intuitive and app development services. Firebase is the best mobile backend as a service provides various solution to run your iOS, Android mobile apps successful. Google Firebase has the power to keep your business on top of high-quality Android app development services.

Here are the list of top benefits of Mobile App Development using Firebase,

1) Unlimited Google Analytics for mobile apps

Google Analytics for Firebase is become smarter by providing free and unlimited reporting for 500 distinct events. You can now major user properties, certain events or can build your own custom events for your business. Nowadays Firebase benefits various platform such as iOS, Android, C++, and Unity.

With growing competences in the Mobile App market, It is now essential to keep track of your product and market optimization. Firebase provides you services like Google Adwords, Real-Time analysis, notification effectiveness, deep link performance, crash data, and more using Google Analytics Services. With the help of Firebase Custom Analysis which can help you export raw data to BigQuery.

2) Realtime Database Provides Synchronize Data

Firebase Realtime Database means you can store and synchronize data with NoSQL cloud database. In other words, when a person goes offline using your mobile app, data remains available across all customers in real time. Integrating the Firebase the Real-time Database SDKs lets you create rich, collaborative and secure data between the client.

Developers have greater benefit from the real-time database is that they do not need the support of complex backend services. As Firebase provide Real-time database SDKs for lots of platforms including Android, iOS, and Web.

3) Web Hosting Fast and Secured way

The Advantage of Web Hosting Firebase provides you to deploy a single page web app, a mobile app landing page and progressive web apps with ease. With the help of SSD-backed hosting, you can deliver data fast globally.

Custom domains can get free SSL certificates for each site launch and developers can deploy web apps as well as static contents at Content Delivery Network(CDN) with one command.

4) Cloud Firestore NoSQL Document Database

Cloud Firestore is a NoSQL document provides you the real-time database that quickly stores, secure and query data for your web apps and mobile apps worldwide. You can modify data in your own way by using cloud firestore such as documents and collections. Unique hierarchies can be build using this functionality and can easily retrieve from NoSQL Document Database using queries.

Nowadays, Serverless apps is a unique concept provided by Cloud Firestore so a document can ships with web and mobile SDKs without having your actual own server. Your customers can edit their data at any time even if they are offline. Cloud Firestore can Synchronize that data later on. Strong user based security enhance the user security authentication and can restrict data access based on user identity data.

5) Advanced Cloud Messaging makes Your Business Smarter

What if I say you can send messages and notification to your targeted audience much smarter way? Firebase provides you Cloud Messaging service so you can send the message to any devices that have a connection between your server and devices. Advanced Message targeting has the ability to target messages to whom that subscribed to the specific topic, that can be done by predefined segments or by creating your own.

In addition, Firebase can send custom notification like custom data, sounds, and expiration date immediately or schedule it at your user’s local time zone. If you are wondering this can require excellent coding skills but no coding required for sending notifications. This service is totally integrated with Firebase Analytics. You can try the A/B testing for targeted different versions and can choose which version is best for your needs.

6) Multi-Platform Authentication with Firebase

Are you looking for a secure solution which can provide you multi sign In Functionality? Secure platforms like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Github and many more. Firebase Authentication provides an easy Sign-In process for a business like yours. Your customers can now securely sign in through platforms they trust. Firebase Authentication system was developed by the same team that implemented Google Sign-In, Smart Lock, and Chrome Password Manager so no compromise from the security point of view.

7) Machine Learning Mobile Apps Development with Firebase ML-Kit

Nowadays with growing needs of Machine Learning based Mobile Apps Development, which can have functionalities like recognizing text, face detection, barcode scanning, Images labeling, landmarks detection, and everything that related to Machine Learning. Firebase ML-Kit provides you both on-device and Cloud APIs that can work even there’s no network connection. If you have an idea about your own Machine Learning based custom model, you can present your idea and they will take care of hosting and serving to your mobile app.

8) Free Firebase Dynamic links

What are Firebase Dynamic links and how it will work? Dynamic links are Smart URLs that lets you recommend your app to existing or potential users such as your friends and family to any location within your mobile app. Firebase advantages your mobile web users to native app users through dynamic links. You can make your app viral by sending smart URLs.

9) Increase revenue of your business by App Indexing

Firebase is linked up with Google, so now it’s possible to easily viral your business with the help of Firebase services. Firebase engages your mobile app links to Google search so anybody can search for content related to your business can find on Top. So how you can raise your ranking on Google Search? It’s because of Firebase App Indexing API, You can actually improve the ranking performance for your apps links. Android Instant Apps helps to access content and raise your rank so new users can find it easily.

10) Improve your app quality by Firebase Crashlytics

Do your app suffer due to bug issues or your app ratings? However, you can improve and prioritize your app stability issues through Firebase Crashlytics. Firebase immediately pinpoints the root cause of crashes by reporting to fixes bugs at the fast pace and the ease. Developers and QA testers can get real-time alerts for new issues whether it is the app version, the device or the OS.


Now you can identify why firebase is one of the most effective platforms for Mobile Apps Development. It offers all possible solutions to your targeted customers and enhances business revenue.

Looking to integrate Firebase to your mobile app? Choose the best Firebase app development companyLet’s discuss.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) What is a firebase?

Firebase is Google’s mobile platform that helps you quickly develop high-quality apps and grow your business.

2.) Why choose firebase?

Firebase offers many exceptional integration services and allows users to synchronize the real time data without refreshing the screen.

3.) What is firebase good for?

Firebase supports all major devices for Android and iOS and integration to Google Ads, Admob, Play store, Data studio, Doubleclick, Big Query and Slack.

4.) Is Firebase free ?

Firebase offers plans such as Spark Plan which offers free versions of some services and Blaze Plan offers Pay as you go services.