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Ghana Post GPS is a digital address system in Ghana which provides the most effective means of addressing locations and places in Digital Ghana. This system is based on dividing the geographical surface of the Earth into tiny ’tiled areas’, attributing a unique code to each of area. This code simply comprises a ‘ten digit code’ format represents the district, postal code and digital address of a place that can be generated, shared and searched by anyone; all that is needed is Ghana digital address system app; Ghanapost GPS app on a smartphone. This is the reason why Ghanapostgps becoming popular.

What does National Digital address mean (eg. CK-0001-8859)?

Your National digital address is made up of two main components Your postcode (CK-0001) and your unique address (8859) The first letter in the postcode represents your region of residency which is a central region, in this case. The second digit (K) represents the district which is Komanda. The next division of numbers (0001) represents your area code. This three combination of code is called Postcode. The last division of numbers (8859) consists the unique address of the location. A combination of the postcode and the unique address make up the digital address.

Ghana Post GPS App: What it represents?

Ghana Post GPS app represents a National address system for Ghanaian People. So how this app works and how you can get register your digital address?

It’s Simple, you can download Ghana Post GPS App from popular platforms like Android and iOS. Once you install and open it to your smartphone, you can register your details with your First name, Last name, and Phone number with location services on.

Now you will get confirmation code message with your smartphone. Just enter it, Ghana Property Addressing System App now searches for your location information by GPS satellite and your cellular network and gets your Digital address which directly stores your data to Ghana National Address Registry System.

    Ghana Post GPS App: major features

  • You can register your home address, business address on App.

  • Registration of digital address stores in Ghana National Address Registry.

  • Save Digital Addresses of as many locations in your Address book.

  • Share Digital Addresses via different messaging platforms like Whatsapp, facebook, or any messaging platforms.

  • Ghana Post GPS App integrates with Security Services.

  • Panic buttons to share the location with emergency services like Ghana Police if you are in trouble anywhere, Ghana Fire Services, Ghana Ambulance Services, and so on.

  • Ghana Post digital address system app also have integration with Google Maps and any navigation service provider to navigate your way.

Digital property address system Ghana post Benefits:

Digital property address Navigation technology emerge many benefits for Ghana people like panic button feature for emergency services, Digital address helps you to get open your bank account, now you can get small business loan easily, and Door to Door parcel delivery system as a reference for giving the exact location.

President Nana Akufo-Addo said at the GhanaPost App launch, “digital addresses will help formalize the economy by bringing more people into the tax system, and also system helps to improve property ownership data and bring efficiency to delivery service”.

digital address system for businesses

How can you use the Digital Address System for your business?

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Digital address system in Ghana becoming popular all over the world which represents National digital address system and covers every area in Ghana both in urban and rural areas.