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Automation Testing mainly briefs about performing/running software to execute the build-up test cases to produce test results without any Human Interference.

Automation Testing is definitely one-step forward to the Manual Testing. It allows us to save the human efforts at the great magnitude and also doesn’t give a scope to produce a huge stack of errors.

Here you go, the list of best automation testing software:

  • 1) Ranorex
  • 2) TestComplete
  • 3) QMetry Automation Studio
  • 4) Leapwork
  • 5) Experitest
  • 6) Katalon Studio
  • 7) Test sigma
  • 8) LambdaTest
  • 9) Selenium
  • 10) Appium
  • 11) Robotium
  • 12) Unified Functional testing
  • 13) Apache Jmeter
  • 14) Micro focus load runner
  • 15) Postman
top automation testing tools

Broad description about the above listed 19 software tools:

1) Ranorex :

This Tool is the best automation testing tool of 2020 & this tool has the ability to automate even the most challenging application. Complete package tool for web, desktop, and mobile application testing as it is good for End to end testing. Codeless software for beginners with a feature click-and-go interface. It is a very easy tool for beginners and also powerful for experts. With the help of this, we can execute more tests in less time

Features Include :

  • To Reduce maintenance, it reuses the code modules.
  • It Perform Cross browsing & Cross-Platform testing
  • It gives Customizable test report.
  • It is Integrated with tools like JIra, Jenkins, Git, Travis CI, Test Rail etc.

2) TestComplete :

This is another best automation testing tool for mobile. desktop & web applications. We can build & run functional UI tests via robust record & play capabilities. It supports various Scripting with languages like Python, Javascript, VB Script & more. It supports a wide range of applications such as .Net & Native and Hybrid IOS & Android apps.

Features Include :

  • It has regression, parallel & cross-browser testing capabilities.
  • Fast & Expert support
  • TestComplete makes increasing test coverage easy across configurations & your application.
  • It can reuse the functional tests across real browser.

3) Qmetry Automation Studio :

It is a great automation testing tool and it will provide you the seamlessly automate, analyze & execute test results. It is a leading software automation tool built on Eclipse IDE & leading open-source frameworks selenium & appium. It supports advanced automation strategy with coded automation & enables manual transition.

Features Include:

  • This tool will save your time & efforts.
  • It also has features to revise & analyse results in order to quickly identify failures & we can fix them.
  • It provides a unified solution for an omnichannel, multi device, multi locate scenario.
  • It supports web, mobile native, mobile web, web services & micro services.


This Automation tool will enable us to do test automation without the need for programming. It performs end to end testing across technology. We can move seamlessly between any two application types like desktop & web applications within a single automation flow. In this tool, we can test across apps, devices & browsers & we are allowed to test anytime & anywhere.

Features Include :

  • It is Data Driven automation.
  • It is fast troubleshooting & with a visual documentation.
  • Test Across Applications, Browsers & Devices.
  • It supports continuous delivery, Plug leapwork into your CI/CD pipeline using native plugins.


It is a great tool & you are allowed to create & run selenium, appium. It is a leading platform for the need to automate mobile app & cross browser testing. This tool will provide you the feature of large test execution. Are allowed to run automated test & project developed in any IDE & testing frame.

Features Include :

  • Fully compatible with open source tools, including selenium & appium.
  • It develops new appium tests or execute existing projects.
  • Create & run tests on real browsers & mobile devices.
  • Tests are executed on a large scale.
best automation testing software


It is a complete platform for continuous testing. As it is an open-source automation testing tool, it supports both web & Mobile development. Katalon Studio is versatile as it runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It can be integrated with a variety of other tools like JIRA, qTest, Kobiton, Git and more. It is available for free & has paid support services for businesses & enterprises.

Features Include:

  • It is a user-friendly tool that works for any one with distinctive levels of testing capabilities.
  • It supports both SOAP & RESTful for API & service testing.
  • It can be used for both automated & exploratory testing.
  • This tool provides you with all the set of features which includes recording action, generating test scripts, executing tests with many other tools throughout the SDLC.

7) Test Sigma:

This tool is a cloud-based automation testing tool for continuous testing in DevOps & agile. In this tool, there is no requirement for coding skills. It is an AI-driven test automation tool that uses simple English to automate. It lets you automate web, mobile applications & API services. It supports thousands of devices/OS/browser.

Features Include:

  • It provides you feature of AI driven test automation for web application, Android & ios app & API automated testing.
  • No requirement of coding skills.

8) Lambda Test:

It is one of the leading cross-browser test automation tools. It helps you to run selenium automation tests on a scalable, secure & reliable cloud-based selenium grid. It automates Cross-browser testing across browsers & ensures that it get perfect experience across all browsers, versions & operating system.

Features Include:

  • It runs test scripts on scalable selenium grid online & can cut down on build time.
  • It has integration with CI CD tools & has feature of selenium grid online.
  • It has feature to robust test logs.
  • This tool has API for continuous testing.

9) Selenium:

It is considered the industry standard for user interface automation testing of web applications. For developer & tester who have experience & skills in programming & scripting, selenium offers flexibility that is unseen in many other test automation tools & frameworks. Users can write test scripts in many different languages such as Java, Python, C#, PHP, Ruby & Perl. It runs on multiple system environments like windows, Mac, Linux & browsers like chrome, firefox, IE.

Features Include:

  • This tool is compatible with several programming languages.
  • It is an open-source tool.
  • Very powerful browser-centered automation test script.
  • It is scalable across different environments.

10) Appium:

It is a test automation framework that is mainly intended for mobile applications. It supports automation for native, hybrid & mobile web applications built for ios & android. It is easy to install & use. It has gained huge popularity & Stability as one of the best mobile automation testing tool.

Features Include:

  • It is based on the client or server architecture.
  • This tool drives ios, android & windows apps by using webdriver protocol.
  • It is open-source tool.
  • Appium has previously supported screen recording on android now we can do the same in ios.
top automation tools

11) Robotium:

It is primarily meant for android UI testing & it supports both hybrid & native applications. This tool allowed to write readable. It is a test framework for writing automatic gray box testing cases for android applications. It can be used for both testing applications where source code available & application where only APK file available.

Features Include:

  • It is open-source tool.
  • It is allowed to perform system testing, user acceptance testing & functional testing.
  • It is time saving & easy to automate.
  • It supports both hybrid & native.

12) Unified Functional Testing (UFT) :

It is one best automation testing software tool for functional testing & it was previously known as QuickTest Professional(QTP). This tool brings developers & tester under a single umbrella. This is test automation for web, API, Hybrid, mobile. It will provide high-quality automation testing solutions.

Features Include:

  • This tool features cross browser & multi platform compatibility.
  • This tool will functional easy & cost friendly.
  • This is licensed tool.
  • This makes functional testing less complex.

13) Apache Jmeter:

It is a java desktop application designed for load testing. It mainly focuses on web applications. It is for unit testing & limited functional testing. It supports many types of applications, servers & protocols. Jmeter is the most popular tool for test automation. It is now also used for API & services testing.

Features Include:

  • Test results can be replayed.
  • It supports CSV files to set values for API Parameters.
  • It is Light weight with simple & easy to use user interface.
  • It includes powerful Test IDE, dynamic reporting, caching of test results & highly extensible core.

14) Microfocus load runner:

It is load & performance testing tool provided by microfocus. Microfocus load runner gives a clear picture of the system performance & allows us to fix the bugs before the application is released to the live environment. It provides you a clear picture of system performance.

Features Include:

  • It is affordable tool & it supports mobile & cloud testing.
  • It is Licensed tool.
  • It supports testing in various environments & over different types of applications.
  • It is Simplified testing.

15) Postman:

It is Designed to automate tool for API testing. It can be easily installed as a browser extension or as a desktop application on Mac, Linux, windows. This tool is not only popular among tester for API test automation but also the developers to develop & test APIs.

Features Include :

  • It supports both automated & exploratory testing.
  • It is friendly & easy to use user interface.
  • Comprehensive feature set for designing, debugging, testing, documenting & publishing APIs.
  • It is also used for development environment to develop.