Every Experience developer has a dreamlike to write clean and reusable code which one help to develop project smoothly. The framework is the best option for that. But before to know which PHP Framework I have to use to develop my project we have to understand what is framework?.

What is Framework?

PHP is the most scripting language from the last few years because of pre-build flexibility, ease-of-use structure code that allows you to spend more time on creating an actual website instead of spending time on repetitive code.

Why Laravel is Best?

Popularity Contest of 2022

laravel vs codeigniter vs cakephp

After reviewing Google trend comparisons, there are no doubts to say that Laravel becomes most popular PHP framework of 2022.

List of frameworks available for application development, but how Laravel is different. We can better understand Laravel by personal uses. Now, some best features and specification about Laravel, so we would say Loudly Laravel is the best framework.

Routing System:

With Laravel, we can easily approach routing. The route can be triggered in the application with good flexibility and control. To match the URL.

Basic Routing Syntex

Route::get(‘foo’, function () {return ‘Say Loudly Laravel’});

Unit Testing:

Laravel is built with unit testing in mind. In fact, support for testing with PHPUnit is included out of the box, and a phpunit.xml file is already set up for your application.

Database Query Builder:

Laravel provides fluent interface to running database queries


Laravel offers different API for various caching system

Artisan Console:

Artisan is the command line interface in the Laravel. Provides a number of commands while developing a web application.

Http Middleware:

Provide a convenient mechanism for filtering HTTP requests entering your application.

best framework for 2022

Other key point feature of Laravel :

  • Restful routing.

  • Inherent Database Version control

  • A lightweight Blade Templating Engine

  • Composer – An amazing tool that lets you manage your application’s third-party packages easily.

  • Comes bundled with Eloquent –

  • Built-in unit testing and simply readable impressive syntax

  • Larger Community catering to thousands of programming geeks and application developers

  • Intelligently designed to offer incredible flexibility to developers that help them create each and everything from small sites to giant enterprise applications.

If you want to love beautiful code then Laravel can do that. Laravel is built to be simple, easy to learn and supports rapid application development.

Laravel comes with its own templating engine named “Blade”. The best thing about Blade is that it allows you to write plain PHP in the templates which essentially means that Blade brings no performance overheads to your application.

Laravel team has recently released “Lumen”, a micro PHP framework for the web developers who like to build lightning fast API’s as well as Laravel based services.

Get more information from Laravel official community website. Laravel.com

Only reviewing google trend graph we cant define that Laravel is only the best PHP framework. Every framework has an own key point which one best on specific industries. So it is also important to review another popular PHP framework.

Let’s discuss other Top frameworks


Codeigniter is another popular PHP framework which is developed using most famous architectural the model-view-controller design pattern and its considered by lots of companies as a most user-friendly framework for small to large scale project.

Codeigniter framework

Codeigniter has own feature list:

  • Develop using MVC pattern

  • No PHP Version Conflicts

  • Fewer Chances to Mess The Code

  • Less Duplication of Code

  • Most Active Online Community

  • Built-in Libraries and Helpers

  • Cache Class

  • Security and Encryption

  • Database abstraction and more.

  • Easy to understand and extend

  • Little to no server requirements.

  • All the tools you need in one little package.

Get CodeIgniter Rocks Web Framework information from www.codeigniter.com

YII Framework

The Fast, secure and professional PHP Framework – YII

Depending on developer’s requirements & Expertise, any framework be its YII or CakePHP, can be the best framework.. when you are going to rank the best framework, you have to review all the aspect of every framework, Yii framework is the best for developing a website.

YII, one of the most important distinctions which separate Yii from all other PHP web framework is the AJAX integrated widgets.

Unlike CakePHP, Yii has owned automated code generation tools.

Yii has powerful backend setting tools that allow you select the feature you want to load on the frontend.

PHP Framework - YII

YII selected features list:

  • Fast – YII is very much known for its speed

  • Utilizes Modern Technologies – CRUD Feature

  • Highly Extensible

  • Easy Form Validation

  • Great support for Jquery and Ajax.

  • Inbuilt Authentication and Authorization

  • Shorten Development Time

  • Easy to Tune for Better Performance

  • Database tables as objects (so that we don’t need to query all time)

Like any other good framework, Yii helps you to develop a quick modern web application with great performance and securities.

Have you tried with another php framework than just YII – yiiframework.com

Zend Framework 2

Zend is another best open source framework to create web applications and services. Zend is the full object-oriented language because of that it allows developers create special variations and individual component.

Zend frameworks have the best features like extensive validation which you can use to validate data coming from forms. You can also use MVC Components to create ZF projects.

The components of the Zend framework is unique. Developers can use these components as they want and it offers a robust, high-performance MVC implementation MVC implementation.

best zend framework for 2022

Features of the Zend framework :

  • Extensive collection of unit tests

  • Ability to make code reusable

  • List of advanced PHP Extensions and Components

  • You can select single components instead of the complete Zend Framework

  • Simply a collection of classes

  • You simply instantiate a Zend_Validate class and call the method

  • You can use client libraries to simply access to web services

Get more details about CakePHP – http://framework.zend.com/


Why Should You Use CakePHP?

If you are looking free open-source, a rapid development framework for PHP then CakePHP is also the best choice for the developer.

CakePHP community’s primary goal is to enable you to work in a structured and rapid manner without loss of time and flexibility.

If you want to start with CakePHP then you don’t have to waste more time because a team of CakePHP provides you will all the tools you need to get started.

best cakephp framework in 2022

Here’s a quick list of features you’all enjoy when using CakePHP :

  • Clean MVC Conventions

  • Active, friendly community

  • Compatible with versions 4 and 5 of PHP

  • Batteries Included – The things you need are built-in

  • Application scaffolding

  • Code generation tools

  • Fast and flexible templating (PHP syntax, with helpers)

  • Request dispatcher with clean, custom URLs and routes

  • Integrated CRUD for database interaction

  • Email, Cookie, Security, Session, and Request Handling Components

  • Data Sanitization Techniques used

  • flexible working arrangements applied

  • Works from any website directory, with little to no Apache configuration involved

I will say that there are lots of interesting things going on in other framework but most of just reuse. If you want to develop small-medium scale web application then CakePHP is useful framework.. get more details about CakePHP – http://cakephp.org/

Final Note

After reading this article, you are aware of which is the best frameworks and answer is Laravel Framework. Now, PHP developers choose any of the frameworks for PHP development as they comfortable and requirement. And For business purpose, if you want to grow your business and create a website with these frameworks, Visit us.