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Laravel is one of the best Web frameworks of current time. Taylor Otwell created this Laravel web framework back in 2011 with the aim to develop web applications implementing the MVC (model-view-controller) model. It is free, open source PHP web framework.

Well, that was just a piece of background information before we start discussing our main topic “how to hire best Laravel developer”.

It is a matter of the fact that having the best developers in your team can get half of the things done for your business to run smoothly. So it is very crucial to be precise in the process of hiring Laravel developers for your business.

There are two main options come in front of you when you start looking for Laravel developer for your projects

1) Contact recruitment agencies

This method can be an instant solution for your candidate hunting process. You simply contact one of those recruitment agencies and give basic details like how many candidates you need and how much is your budget, rest will be assured by them until candidate joins your team.

On the footnote though; they charge you a healthy amount of money for doing the process. Up to 25% of the new hire’s yearly salary for example.

2) Do the hiring process yourself

In this method of doing the hiring process yourself, there are again two options available.

– Going out in the market to look for candidates

This method can be described as the Outbound method as well. You share knowledge of your company by attending different seminars, conferences, workshops, and summits. This will also help to network with new people and you will showcase your company to a broader platform.

– Publishing ads to attract candidates

This method is an Inbound method. In this method, you share information to potential networks regarding candidates that you are looking for and candidates will come to you for an interview. There are a few tactics to follow in this method.

The first one is; you can post the Laravel Development position on various Job portals. Few platforms that you can use to post your Laravel developer jobs are Linkedin,, and there are many more.

Secondly, Having a Career page on your Website can also be a good platform to reach out to candidates. You can simply add the “Career” option on your website page and those who are searching for the job will eventually visit your website and know if any positions available.

Now the third one is Jack of all trades “Social Media”. You can use different Social media platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook to reach out to potential candidates.

laravel for php development

Now, we will look at some tips that will help in a hiring process.

Before we discuss that we will look at the checklist for employers.

– Number of candidates that you are looking for

It is essential to figure out how many candidates you will need for your project before you start looking for candidates. You should make sure that developers do not get too much burden of the work otherwise, it will affect the quality of work. If you think that the project is big and need three developers for example, then hire three developers without thinking about the budget.

– Are you looking for freshers? Are you looking for experienced?

This is also very important. You might find it costly to hire an experienced developer, but it will repay when they start giving you quality work without much supervision. On the other hand, fresher will need constant supervision and someone to guide them all the way through the project.

– How much can you spend on their salary?

This part is related to your business and projects that you are running. As you already know your budget, you can offer accordingly to your developer. Make sure that money does not take over skill though. If you offer the good package to the skilled developer, it will pay you back in the long run.

– Do you have set up to check their ability?

When you arrange an interview, you can also check their ability by giving them simple codes to run and see how they perform. This can be possible if you have a separate place for them to use.

– When do you want them to join?

Most of the time candidates are working at some other place or they have other things to sort out so they might not be able to join on immediate basis. You should discuss this during an interview, if the joining date of a candidate is something that is not suitable for you then you can simply look for other options.

– Are you looking for a local candidate or remote working candidate?

Most of the employees prefer local candidate and hesitate to expand their search out of their local area. This might sound good as you can constantly supervise and get updates on the spot, however giving an option to remote worker might be good if you do proper background check and developer has the skill to meet the deadline with quality work.

– Hiring freelancer

If you are hiring freelancer then you should discuss all your project related requirements before handing over the project. Constant follow up on the progress of the project is also necessary.

– Be transparent while interviewing

Hiring candidate through a classical way of interviewing will give you a better chance to know their ability before they join the team. During an interview, you should ask them any question to test their aptitude. You as an employer have a good chance during an interview to discuss your requirement for the candidate. Simply make a list of what you are looking for in a candidate and discuss that during an interview. Having a Job description can also make your job easy, however, make sure that it is short and to the point.

Now having read this article, you have a better understanding of the hiring process; you will be able to find the best suitable Laravel developer for your business.

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