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It is very important for any business to have all sort of marketing strategies to reach out to as many relevant audiences as possible. In a current world full of Mobile technology, it is inevitable for any business to get more customers without the help of Mobile apps. Every business starting from bottom to top have a mobile app to take their business to the number one place. Many businesses these days get their mobile app developed by experts.

Once you have a mobile app developed for business, it is very important to focus on an increasing number of active users and app installation from the targeted audience. To get maximum downloads there are some promotional strategies that we have gathered here will be helpful for any business owner.

Let’s get started then,

Ask customers for suggestions

This process is something that should start even before you start making your mobile app. Asking your customers about their opinion will help you to build something that your customers are interested in.

To do this you need to have a database of your customers or all stakeholders that you deal with within your business. Send them an email asking for suggestions, simple objective questions with tick box will be advisable.

Most of the people are not interested in taking part in this type of surveys, for that you can offer them something in return like the special discount, or freebies for filling up the survey.

Use Social Media

As everyone knows Social Media is everywhere these days and it is the best way to get your content spread to the maximum number of people.

You can increase your visibility on social media groups like Linkedin, Google+, and Facebook. You can share details on these platforms and ask for feedback by offering free promo codes.

Joining groups of developers and startups on social media will help you to solve many issues. You can discuss current features, future updates or bug fixes and take their opinion. This will be the best way to promote your app without spending a cent.

Design Creative App Icon

It is necessary to have an app icon that stands out from other apps as app stores are flooding with different apps in any category that you choose. Many people take an interest in the app only if the logo is eye-catching.

While designing the app icon, one needs to make sure that it is unique and has the minimum amount of colors used: two colors are enough. You should also avoid using photos or too much text, as it will blend in too much.

Some of the great examples of outstanding designs of app icons are below :

mobile app icons

Upload Great Screenshots

A simple task like uploading an appropriate screenshot on the app store makes a huge difference. The user should be able to understand what the app is all about looking at the screenshots. You can also include a short description along with screenshots, however, that description should be very short, informative and to the point.

Let me show UBER app Screenshots,

mobile app like Uber

Update Your App Regularly

It is very important for you to make sure that you update your app regularly and fix any bugs if there are any. You can get the idea by reviewing the comments that you get from users.

Apps that are not getting updated regularly are not getting fame for a long time. The user of the app will feel betrayed as no one is taking care of the app and user experience is not up to the mark.

Respond To All Your Reviews

As your app is on the app store, you will be getting reviews from the users, positive or negative. It is very important to look at those reviews and reply to them. If someone is praising your work then send thank you a message.

If there is any suggestion or complaint then take it positively and reply them with what steps you will take to resolve the issue.

Make your presence to all app stores

To make your app reach the maximum number of users it is necessary that you have your app available on all app stores. Relying on Google Play or iOS will not get you as many downloads as you expect.

Here is data of how many apps are there in different app stores,

Total Apps in App Store

Use SEO Techniques

You heard that exactly right!

SEO is equally important for your app as it is for your website. When any user types in any query, your app URL should be among the top five results. For that, you need to know your targeted keywords that you want to rank for. You also need to analyze, which keywords your app is ranking now. Link building will get this part done for you.

You can also add your app download link to your website as the possibility is that many users are visiting your website, however, they are not aware that you also have an app for your business.

You can add your app download link to your email signature. This will advertise your app to all your stakeholders. Apart from emails, you can promote your app off the internet as well by having QR code of your app in your visiting card or at your business place, so all your customer will know that you have an app for your business.

The blog posting in your relevant field will also boost your app’s publicity. You can add blogs or comment on other’s blogs, but do not forget to add a download link of your app or app’s landing page. This will get you high-quality traffic and relevant links for your app.

The idea of writing an announcement blog will do the magic. You can write a blog about your upcoming app with all the detailed descriptions and features of the app. Once your blog is ready then use your SEO techniques to publish and target your audience.

You can make a promo video of your app and add that (link) along with your blog. This way you will be able to give a better picture to your customers. As audiovisual will convey the message very strongly and you will be able to add all the features of the app in that video.


Having discussed different elements to consider to promote your app, now you will be able to implement them and get the best outcome with the least effort.

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