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Nowadays due to the rapid increase of CRM in the major Companies there is a need for some platform where we can integrate mobile apps directly to the CRM which will have lots of user to access the CRM directly from their mobile device.

Salesforce in this case stands ahead from all other and have provided the platform for iPhone integration to their respective app.  Early in 2013 IBM has acquired Worklight, a company providing a mobile development platform for smart phones and tablets. Application built using Worklight can be integrated with Salesforce and user can have access to their Salesforce account using their smart phones.

    The development involves 3 main steps:

  • Worklight for building the mobile application design

  • Cast Iron as the middleware to connect to

  • as the backend Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

User launches the Worklight application on the device, the application then sends the request to the Worklight server which uses the Cast Iron adapter to propagate the request to the Cast Iron issuing HTTP GET Request.

With this step there is lot of easiness for the iPhone developers to manually integrate the CRM to the already build apps. The Worklight offers much more user friendliness and support for integrating between both the platforms.

Using the Salesforce account on mobile is much simple and easy like any app that you use on your iPhone device. You simply have to download the free app from the app store and start using the app by log in into your Salesforce account.  All the data that are stored can be accessible using the app.

You can too have access to the mails and other content with all the track of data saved in the Salesforce CRM which can be use anywhere weather you are outside your office. Hence there is a real bless for the company management peoples who uses this CRM the most.